Bridge by Instructure Inc. announced that the Fanzz Sports Stores have implemented Bridge this holiday season to facilitate more efficient training for retail salespeople in more than 120 locations across the nation.

Fanzz will utilize the mobile-friendly Bridge platform to deliver useful information to seasonal employees, promoting happy customers and increased sales during the holiday shopping season.

"In retail, we don't have the luxury of taking a week to train our employees," said Ben Lowell, director of e-learning for the Larry H. Miller company, which owns the Fanzz Sports Stores. "We have to train employees in just a few hours, and we need to empower our retail managers to get the training out fast. Bridge made that possible because it works so well on mobile devices and makes it truly simple for managers to create their own digital training content."

Bridge allows temporary retail employees to receive all necessary training in a single day, moving them into productivity sooner than most other corporate learning systems. The platform also addresses regional training challenges salespeople are likely to encounter, such as the trading of an NBA player resulting in a markdown of his jersey the next day in specific regions.

"The holiday season is such a crucial time for retailers to make sales happen, and a large part of that comes down to how well employees are versed in the products they are selling and how to engage customers in the best way," said Jeff Weber, senior vice president of people and places at Instructure. "Technology plays a powerful role in making learning faster and more convenient, which is exactly what Bridge is doing for the managers and employees at Fanzz."

Bridge creates a library of tutorials for employees at corporations like Fanzz that can be almost instantaneous. Its optimization for mobile is a sought-after feature for many enterprises, including Fanzz. Bridge is simple, easy-to-use, intuitive and helps employers develop smarter and more productive employees.

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