Amazon's Q2 sales of consumables continued double-digit growth from Q1 2017.

Despite total market decline, Amazon sales of HPC and Pet products in the US, Canada, UK and France grew an average of 46+% YoY; its sales of Beauty and Grocery in the US, Canada, the UK, 

France and Germany grew by an average of 49%, per One Click Retail's report Q2 2017 Consumables Update: Sales and Growth on Amazon.


Canada is the fastest-growing country for Amazon consumables—75% growth in HPC, Beauty and Pet Supplies and tied with the UK for the second-highest-growth country for Amazon Grocery sales (70%). While Canada's year-over-year growth is among Amazon's highest, it remains the smallest market of the 5 examined: $35M CAD for Q2.


The United States—Amazon's largest market with $2B USD in consumables Q2 sales—experienced 50% Grocery YoY growth, followed by 40% in both HPC and Beauty, and 30% in Pet Supplies. Its total sales of Pet Supplies in Q2 was 10X larger than Canada's total Amazon Q2 consumables sales.

United Kingdom

The UK, Amazon's 2nd most mature market with total Q2 consumables sales of £150M, experienced its highest YoY growth in Grocery (50%), thanks to its fastest-growing category, Spirits. Pet Supplies and HPC grew 40% to £30M and £59M in respective Q2 sales. Beauty, driven by Skin Care and Prestige Skin Care, grew 30%.


Of France's €20M in Q2 Amazon consumables sales, Grocery (75% YoY growth) accounted for 13.5% of the total, driven by Coffee, Cooking Oil and Wine. Beauty, France's second-fastest-growing consumables group, grew 65% with Make-Up being the top-selling category. Baby Care and Pet Food drove 55% growth in HPC and 20% growth in Pet Supplies.


Amazon Q2 sales in Germany grew to €22M for Beauty and €30M for Grocery. Thanks to a 140% spike in Prestige Hair Care and a 60% increase in Spirits, Germany's Q2 2017 consumables sales on Amazon climbed 10% over Q2 2016.

"The growth in consumable sales on Amazon far outstrips domestic growth in each of these countries," explains Spencer Millerberg, One Click Retail CEO. "It's not that people are buying more consumables; rather, eCommerce is sourcing sales from brick & mortar. Even in categories not typically associated with eCommerce (e.g., perishables, spirits), brands need to focus on eCommerce to compete effectively in 2017."


One Click Retail uses website indexing, machine learning and proprietary software to estimate weekly Amazon sales.