Skyworks announced that Michael Cowan has joined the organization as Director of Business Development for its Southeast Asia market. 

A resident of the Philippines for decades, Cowan has a deep understanding of the region and has forged strong relationships with the Philippine army, navy and national police. He is multilingual, with fluency in Thai, Japanese, Spanish and German in addition to Filipino (Tagalog) and English.

"Michael is uniquely qualified to lead our new business effort in Southeast Asia," said retired Air Force Brig. Gen. John Michel, Skyworks Director. "He understands the cultures, institutions and security challenges in this region of the world. And he understands and can champion the advantages of gyronautics technology."

Cowan has more than two decades of experience in the U.S. military and has provided tactical training for federal law enforcement and military officers in S.W.A.T, hostage rescue and crisis management. While serving in the military, Cowan's responsibilities included training the White House Marine Security Force and the Advanced Skills Training Battalion at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School.  Cowan has also provided Dignitary Protection Training for members of the Philippine Congress and local Governors.  A private pilot since 1969, Cowan has over 400 hours of flight time in gyroplanes including many flights designed to demonstrate the aircraft's stability, maneuverability and vertical take off and landing (VTOL) capabilities.

"I am excited about the opportunity to join the world leader in gyronautics and help bring this technology to the people and institutions of Southeast Asia," said Cowan. "I believe that Skyworks is changing aviation in a fundamental way, and it is an honor to be part of that transformation."

Cowan holds degrees in Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland, Business Management from the University of Dayton and Aeronautical Power from Texas A&M. He has authored many books, including "The Urban S.W.A.T. Manual."