Ava Max Net Worth in 2024

What is Ava Max Current Net Worth

Net Worth:$3 Million
Date of Birth:February 16, 1994
Last Updated:2021

Ava had more than four billion streams even before she had released her first album. That’s just incredible, to say the least! You know her as the singer of “Sweet but Psycho” but she has more inside her than you imagine.

What is Ava Max Current Net Worth?

To begin with, Ava has a net worth of over $3 million in her bank as of 2024. I am pretty sure it wouldn’t take much time to go double or triple that amount. In the last few years that she is active, Ava has created multiple income streams for herself.

Music Career

After signing with Atlantic Records in 2016, she released multiple singles. However, Ava’s first success came two years later with the song “Sweet but Psycho”. It was a groundbreaking victory for the singer as she became internationally popular. The single peaked in countries like Sweden, Finland, Norway, and the United Kingdom. The Billboard Hot 100 chart placed it at number 10. The single sold over 2 million units in just the US making it double platinum.

Ava released her first album Heaven & Hell in 2024. It was a moderate success all over. The album charted in the UK Albums Chart in the second position. The Norwegian and Polish charts certified the album triple platinum and platinum respectively.

In the USA, Ava’s album sold more than 500K units making it gold, and similarly, Music Canada gave the album another gold.

Early Life

The Albanian-American singer was born on February 16, 1994. Her family moved to Virginia at the age of 8 where she was taking part in several music competitions. She performed in Florida and other parts of the States as well. Finally, she went to LA to make her music dreams real and with enough toil and blood, she finally made it to the big leagues.

Personal Life

After the release of “Sweet but Psycho,” she was criticized for stigmatizing mental health. So in 2019, she took part in a mental health awareness campaign to fight against suicide and other mental health issues.

Ava is private about her personal life so we don’t have much information about whom she dates or anything of such category.


Ava Max has won several awards including one Swiss Music Award, Top Hit Music Award, Breaktudo Award, MTV Europe Music Award, etc. Forbes included her in their 30 under 30 list in 2024.