The Best-Kept Secrets of Italy: A Guide to Off-the-Beaten-Path Destinations


The best way to learn more about history and culture is by traveling and experiencing new places on your own. Traveling enriches us as humans, which is why we feel energized and happy with huge smiles on our faces when we come back home from a vacation. Now, it doesn’t matter if one is more fond of spending time hiking or just wants to go backpacking in Europe, as the more people from different nations we meet, the much better understanding of the entire history of that country or even region we get.

With this said, what better country to visit to get all this than Italy, as this country literally has everything from the sandy beaches and great weather to exquisite cuisine, historically rich places and sights that date back thousands of years ago, etc. The only possible problem here is picking where to start, what to visit, and where to go first, and probably the best answer is exploring hidden gems. Yes, this can be a great way to start your adventure in Italy, which is why we will highlight a few of them, but you can also learn much about these gems and even get a detailed guide at



Even though we probably shouldn’t mention Matera as a hidden gem anymore as it was named the Culture capital for the year 2019, meaning that many have heard about this place since then, it’s still a city that one must experience firsthand while they are in Italy. There are many things and facts that make Matera so unique, and historically, it’s one of the longest-inhabited human settlements in the world. The caves are yet another thing we need to mention, as seeing them and discovering how people lived thousands of years ago will definitely move you.

The population of this city is just around 3.000, and before 2019, it was a relatively quiet place, but now, it attracts much more people. As for accommodation, the thing that might surprise you is the price, as unlike at some other places, spending a night here can be pricey. Of course, there is an easy solution to this problem, as staying in nearby cities is more than optional, and you will have to pay much less for accommodation.



Many people imagine villages located on the seashore full of colorful buildings every time when someone mentions Italy, and Camogli is one of the best representations of their dreams. Homes are tall, and each of them is a different color, which only adds to its warmth and coziness, and it is impossible not to feel welcome once you get there. Since it is located on the Ligurian Riviera di Levante, the beaches are astonishing, and thanks to breathtaking views, spending a day on each of them is something that cannot be forgotten ever.

It is also a place to enjoy the quality and tasteful seafood, as trying the tuna, anchovies, and pesto is something you must do if visiting Camogli as they are its signature dishes. Thanks to hospitable locals, you can learn a lot of things about Italian culture and have an amazing time in this peaceful little village, and, of course, get a taste of Italian cuisine.



Yet another well-hidden gem that’s highly attractive but not that famous, but that also makes it a great place for those who seek to spend some time and experience Italy in the best possible way, as this place really has everything you might expect from an authentic Italian village. The city of Naples is pretty close to this gem, and one can always opt and spend some quality time experiencing this magnificent city, but the uniqueness of the houses with sandstone roofs, and everything else in Castelmezzano, like the center perched on the rock, make this village one of the most gorgeous in the entire country.

The view you get on the village while approaching it is yet another thing that will make you come back at least once more in the future as it’s well preserved with forests, hikes, and national parks surrounding it. The village was formed in the 10th century, which just gives this place a bit more charm

Civita di Bagnoregio


For people who love a little adventure and learning about the history of different people, there is no better place than a small village that can be reached only by the pedestrian bridge – Civita di Bagnoregio. It is once in a lifetime experience, as crossing this bridge is the adventure itself, but that’s just the beginning, as there is much more to see in the village itself. Namely, it has existed for a long time, as there are proofs that people lived there even in the Etruscan era, and it was never abandoned since then.

The buildings are astonishing and different thanks to the influences of many different cultures, and the view from the bridge is amazing as it is about 450 meters above sea level, surrounded by two ravines. Overall, the looks and everything about this place will leave everyone in awe, and the fact that this gem is not as famous as some other places in Italy just means that the overall experience will be much better.



Okay, this list would not be complete if we didn’t mention Trento, the capital of the Trento region. Now, this place is not known just for the exquisite wines that are world famous, as it also has a huge historical importance because it was a place that hosted a historically important Council of the sixteenth century. The thing that makes this entire region a must-see destination is its diversity. It’s rich in natural beauty while providing everything one can expect from visiting a famous city in Italy, from great cuisine to picturesque sights.

In addition, compared to other noisy and crowdy cities, this one has it all, but one can also relax and find peace, which just means that you can really enjoy everything Trento has to offer. Walking on the cobbled streets, visiting Buonconsiglio Castle, many museums and old churches, and all that while still having plenty of places where you can enjoy and experience Italy and Trento in a bit more different way means that this hidden gem is more than worth visiting.