Best Shoes For Walking On Concrete And Asphalt


One can tackle everything if their shoes are comfortable. This means that it can be difficult for one to manage throughout the day if they are not wearing comfy work shoes. Standing for lengthy periods on hard surfaces puts a strain on your feet as well as your entire body. Wearing a good pair of concrete-friendly walking shoes will help relieve this ache.

To provide the most satisfactory protection for your feet, you must invest in high-quality footwear. This is why one would want shoes that are both sturdy and comfy. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of suggestions that you can use on those challenging days at work or your upcoming jogging session.

Top 6 Shoes For Walking On Concrete And Asphalt

1. Brooks Ghost 14

After testing over 80+ comfy shoes for hard surfaces, the Brooks Ghost 14 was the clear winner. We put this through various tests and assessments to see how it performs. Its cushioning is a mix of gentle and sturdy, with plenty of padding. As you walk on the concrete surface, this pair will ensure that your feet have full mobility.

This footwear is a beast when it concerns steadiness. This shoe provides a smooth ride throughout the day thanks to its wider ankle and sole widths than the typical. Rainy or sunny, you won’t have to worry because this model has an incredible hold level.


  • The back and front of the shoes include additional softness and shock absorbers.
  • The padding in the shoes aids in the improvement of blood flow in the feet.
  • There is a layer of foam at the bottom that reduces the discomfort of the feet
  • It is ideal for individuals who have pain in their knees, hips, or back.

2. Skechers Arch Fit

We’ve got a lot of reasons why this sneaker immediately took the top rank in our list, including its comfort and aesthetic. The Arch Fit supplied us with an astounding level of support plus cushioning. Buy a new pair if you’re flat-footed, as Skechers created these to deliver mind-blowing ease for flat-footed people.

The detachable ArchFit insole might well be found inside. This innovation provides a significant amount of padding that gently hugs the foot from toe to heel. The Arch Fit is among the most robust pairs available. Get your hands on a pair and be impressed at how long they will last.


  • Provides a substantial quantity of padding
  • Skechers used a robust and significant platform underfoot for sturdy movements.
  • The size of this model is accurate.
  • Construction with a long lifespan

3. Hoka One One Clifton 8

The Hoka One One Clifton 8 was chosen as our collection’s most delicate wide feet shoe. This shoe feels terrific on our feet and is an excellent daily trainer. Your feet feel like they’re at a spa, thanks to the highly padded top. This model provided us with incredible steadiness as we walked.

Its rockered shape made transitioning from walking to leaps a breeze. Its midsole is bouncy yet not overly springy. This shoe is ideal if you want to walk for miles while being comfortable. This footwear is intended to last and is perfect for daily walks, leisure days, and long runs.


  • Exceptional comfort, even when worn the whole day.
  • Steps were highly stable thanks to the broad bottom.
  • This model will endure 500 miles of walking due to its thick underfoot padding.
  • To ensure long-term wear, the outsole is made of thick rubber.

4. Adidas Ultraboost 21

In terms of appearance, the Adidas Ultraboost 21 received our most substantial regard after various trials and evaluations. The style of this strolling kick impressed us right away. Its fashionable appearance made it more of a lifestyle shoe than a running shoe. Its top is incredibly stretchy. It’s made to fit like just a sock and extends a lot to provide a wide range of foot types and sizes.

This variant has an exterior heel cap to hold our feet in position. The Ultraboost 21 would not let you down when you’re looking for versatility. Ultimately, the Adidas Ultraboost 21 has a great design and provides a tremendous amount of convenience.


  • Perfect for striking the streets in the city.
  • It’s made to fit like a sock and expands a lot.
  • Avoids heel instability and offers lateral stiffness.
  • In terms of durability, this is a standout.

5. New Balance 990 v5

The New Balance 990 V5 earns our recommendation as being one of the finest walking shoes for individuals with broad feet. This shoe completely balanced comfort and grip, emphasizing its stability. It prevents us from injuring ourselves by containing our feet’ inward or external movement. Stepping on concrete will be stress-free.

This is incredibly adaptable underfoot. This shoe flexes effortlessly, which allows us to experience natural mobility, particularly on hardened concrete. It is an A-lister in terms of comfort. Because of the super-duper padding and the proper amount of elastic straps, walking in these feels like walking on air.


  • The look is classic and may be worn with a variety of outfits.
  • Don’t worry about the sizing because it’s pretty accurate.
  • This shoe flexes readily, allowing for a natural flexion and extension, particularly on concrete surfaces.
  • Cushioning and support are perfectly balanced.

6. Asics Gel Contend 7

The Asics Gel Contend 7 has been one of the best cheap walking shoes on concrete that we’ve tested. It’s mind-blowing to see all of the unique features this sneaker has to offer. Wearing it all day has become a breeze thanks to the brand’s great padding and shock-absorbing foam innovation. In terms of durability, this shoe performed admirably.

The rubber outsole revealed only minor signs of wear after being subjected to everyday walks. Another advantage is its lightweight. We preferred walking on the concrete since it was more open and speedier. This type is ideal for those who do not want their shoes to drag down. All of these heart-stopping features are available to you without blowing the budget.


  • With a budget range of less than $90.
  • Another advantage is its lightweight.
  • Its versatility is astonishing, and you can use it for everything from everyday walks to jogs to gym workouts.
  • In terms of durability, this shoe performed admirably.

Buyers Guide For Best Shoes For Walking On Concrete and asphalt

Choosing the correct shoes is a lot harder than you might believe. Consider this: what if the shoe appears to be pleasant and comfortable but isn’t long-lasting? What if it’s really tough but just not slip-resistant? In this part, we’ll go over the most important features to seek in a shoe designed for strolling or standing on asphalt all day.



Of course, you expected comfort to be included in this ranking. It is self-evident that before purchasing any footwear, ensure that it is pretty comfy. But how would you go about doing that? Begin by looking at the inside. Is there enough padding in the insoles? Is there sufficient arched support?

If the responses are satisfactory, you can proceed to the upper portion of the footwear. Ensure it’s airy and long-lasting. The outsoles should be shock-absorbing. This is particularly true if you’re strolling on concrete.



Once you have to work long days on hard floors, it’s critical to feel sturdy in your footwear. Of course, any significant harm resulting from an accident on concrete must be tolerated. As a result, it’s critical to hunt for slip-resistant and non-slip footwear.

This feature will maintain you on your feet the entire day. Ensure that the sole has excellent grip and hold on terrain, even when wet.



When shopping for shoes suitable for strolling on concrete, consider the style. We understand that looks aren’t everything, but they definitely play a part. Whenever it concerns fashion, it’s best to consider whether you want the footwear to have laces or to trim. Slip-on are easier to coordinate since they don’t have laces.

Footwear with laces has a more sophisticated appearance. Shoes that aren’t polished also look attractive. Like every form of clothing, style is more subjective than almost anything else.



If you want your shoes to endure longer, durability is a critical issue to consider. It is a waste of money and resources if you keep your shoes for only a few seasons until they are worn out and cracked.

All you need are a couple of sturdy shoes that can keep up with you for long periods. It will save you a great deal of money since you won’t have to buy a pair of shoes every time your old ones break down.

The first trial.


If you’re trying a new product for the first time, buy one pair and try it on for fit, durability, and convenience. Remember to put on the shoes whenever you visit a store to buy one. Always put on both shoes and take a stroll through the shop. If the footwear pinches or irritates you while you’re walking, it’ll continue to do so even after leaving the premises.


Lastly, ensure your footwear gives your sole, particularly the heel, appropriate support. We don’t want you all to have hurt, tired feet again. Support could make the difference between such a peaceful and restless night’s sleep. Support is generally provided via the collars and cushioning of these shoes.

Although you may undoubtedly insert insoles afterwards, it’s better to save bucks and purchase footwear that provides outstanding support instantly. Do not forget to check the shoe you choose for adequate arch, ankle support and padding.


You deserve better footwear when you’re spending half of your day on concrete – ones that provide excellent padding, long-lasting durability, improved grip, and substantial mobility. Each of these footwear can supply you with the results you desire.

As a response, the footwear on the list includes features like insulating foam, padding, a perfect fit, gentler insoles, a durable construction, lighter, prosthetic implantation and, most significantly, enough room for movement.

Each of these shoes is made of high-quality materials and provides superior muscle support. Individuals who must remain for a prolonged time would appreciate the added comfort.


1.Is it possible to walk barefoot on asphalt?

Sure, it isn’t the most comfortable ground to walk on, but it isn’t the most terrible. It is also dependent on the asphalt kind. It’s tiring to walk on for an extended time if there are a lot of larger jagged stones. On the other hand, clean asphalt is no issue.

2.Is it possible for concrete flooring to harm your feet?

According to specialists, concrete flooring can lead to foot problems, inflamed nails, leg pains, spinal strain, and heel injury. Lumbar discomfort, fractures, knee problems, and increasing arthritis symptoms are possible side effects.

3.Is It Okay For Us To Jog In Our Running Shoes On Asphalt?

Yes, without a doubt. If you plan on walking or running on asphalt, be aware of the shoe’s construction. Check the shoe’s collar, sock lining, and heel for extra protection.

4.Is It Important Whether one is on Polished Concrete Or Not?

There isn’t much of a distinction between the two. That’s nowhere near the quality of unpolished concrete. If you’re used to strolling or standing for lengthy periods on a smooth concrete floor, this can harm your feet and the rest of the body.

5.What is the average lifespan of a pair of shoes?

As a basic guideline, most people’s footwear must be changed every 8-12 months or even every 500-700 km for athletic shoes. Specific shoes will last lengthier, while others will wear out faster.

6.How can you extend the life of your shoes?

While it may not be possible for everybody, try to give your footwear a day or two off between wears. At least once per month, polish your footwear with a cleanser or cream polish to nourish the fabric. One can use a waxed polish to protect it and minimize scratches. Crème polishes also contain beeswax, which prevents the footwear from water damage.