10 Famous Celebs That Gone Too Soon

Michael Jackson 10 famous Celebs that gone too soon

Artists are the joy of this world, and when they leave the shadow of eternal sorrow lingers above our head. Many creatives were too young or had too much to contribute to the world, to make it a bit brighter, when the cruel hands of death took them away. This article is dedicated to those artists who gone too soon.

1. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Top 10 famous Celebs that gone too soon
The King of Pop had entertained us for five decades, yet his last breath came as a shock. We not only grieved him but also it broke our hearts beyond mending. It was the night of June 25, 2009, only a few days before This Is It, that Michael Jackson left this mortal world and left an immortal legacy.

2. Paul Walker

Paul Walker - Top 10 famous Celebs that gone too soon
Paul Walker, the hero of speed, who dedicated his entire life to acting and cars, ironically, died in a car accident. It all happened on November 30, 2013, when the 40-year-old actor and his friend hit a lamp post and two trees in Hercules Street.

3. Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger - Top 10 famous Celebs that gone too soon
Not many villains get more fame than the hero, Heath was one of them. His brilliant portrayal of ‘Joker’ is still a subject of admiration. Sadly enough, this extremely talented artist died from abuse of prescribed medication on January 22, 2008.

4. Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury - Top 10 famous Celebs that gone too soon
Who could ever forget the charisma of rock if they have seen Freddie Mercury? He reinvented a great many aspects of rock music with charm and certain enigmatic elements. The Queens leader died from AIDS at the age of 45 leaving a pile of untouched dreams.

5. Bob Marley

Bob Marley - Top 10 famous Celebs that gone too soon
There’re hardly any people on Earth who love music but don’t know the name of Bob Marley. The Jamaican singer became world-famous for his message of peace through music. This angelic man died from Cancer at the age of 36. His last words were, “Money Can’t Buy Life.”

6. Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley - Top 10 famous Celebs that gone too soon
Here comes the King, who reigned over music in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Elvis can be named as the most famous person of his time. Sadly, after achieving so much as a singer, he died on August 16, 1977, after suffering long from various health issues.

7. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe - Top 10 famous Celebs that gone too soon
Marilyn was unquestioningly a sensation of the ‘50s, as an actress she faced several scandals but her popularity only grew stronger. She committed suicide (as the possibilities of an accident were overruled) on August 4, 1962.

8. John Lennon

John Lennon - Top 10 famous Celebs that gone too soon
John Lennon is one of the very few names in musical history, who added a new chapter and changed the way of music through his band The Beatles. He was murdered at the age of 40 by one of his fans, Mark Chapman.

9. Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse - Top 10 famous Celebs that gone too soon
This lovely singer was still rising to her peak and had so much to contribute but her life was put to an end. Amy Winehouse died from an accidental alcohol overdose on July 23, 2011. Her songs are still popular and rest in people’s hearts.

10. River Phoenix

River Phoenix - Top 10 famous Celebs that gone too soon
River was a young soul, who flourished in acting and music but joy never lasts too long. Just after his acting career took a lift as he received a nomination for the academy award, he left the world as a victim of a drug overdose at just 23 years.