Dthang GZ – Biography, Career, Wikipedia, Relationships & Net Worth

Dthang GZ - Biography

The music industry is filled with young and aspiring talent. With so many musical genres, Rap is one of the most adored by people of all ages. Many young artists produce great rap music. Rap is from the Hip-Hop culture that was created by African Americans. Among many Rap artists, Dthang GZ is also a young artist who aspired to make it to the spotlight.

Unlike many other notable artists, Dthang is still young in this field of art. He is recognized as a new emerging young talent. He is very popular on YouTube and is also another famous name among local rappers. Dthang is best known for Bronx Drill as one of its pioneers. If you are a fan of his music and willing to know more about him, keep reading.

Dthang GZ Biography

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Age and Birthday

Though many sources say that Dthang is in his mid 20’s but with no proper information. Dthang GZ looks in his early 20’s and is said to be born in Bronx, New York, though it is not verified yet. However, the artist usually celebrates his birthday on the 15th of September.

There is still not much known about his parents and siblings because the young star keeps his life private. His father and mother’s name is not available with no information about his siblings. It is hard to tell much about him until he chooses to reveal himself, till then we will keep on searching to keep you updated with authentic information.


Considering Dthang GZ’s looks, he is African American, but we are not hundred percent sure if he was born in America. Dthang GZ has the looks of an African and resides currently in New York, Bronx. He emerged as a local rapper since Chicago and New York have many young talents making a name for themselves with free-form refrains.

Height and Weight

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Dthang GZ has a strongly built body, with a tall height of 5’8ft. He has black eyes with black hairs which are braided. With a gory look, the rapper has an aura of seriousness around him. There is no other information available regarding his weight or body measures.

Our sources are looking into the rapper’s lifestyle to find more information regarding him.


Dthang is said to have completed his education. After thorough searching through many sources, the details of his education history were finally found. GZ finished high school with good grades. He did his bachelor’s degree from a US state university, though the field of study is not known.


Dthang GZ is said to have been in a relationship for the past few years but there are no leads on his partner. There is not much known about his partner due to his enigmatic personality.

The couple is thought to be doing well together. He and his partner are said to be married with two children. He has not revealed much information regarding his wife and kids to keep their privacy from social media There is not even a little information found regarding much about his family.

Dthang GZ is famous as the brother of another well-known American Rapper Durk Derrick Banks also known as Lil Durk. Their friendship is strong and they support each other a lot.

Though there is not much known of his relations. We will update you guys the moment we find proper information about his relationships.

Check out his song Good Night in this video:


There are many sites present with information on him but there is no designated Wikipedia page under his name. Even Dthang GZ is not his original name, his real name is Donathy Banks Jr. It is still a mystery how he came up with his stage name.

With so little information released to social media, it is hard to say much about him. These many question marks regarding a person lead one to the point of scratching their head. We can not even make wild guesses about the rapper until he decides to reveal things about himself.


This aspiring hip-hop and rap artist started his career as a local rapper. He has earned quite a name among the Bronx people. The rapper got famous for his first appearance “Alert”, which became his stepping stone to making his name among the freedom rappers of the city.

Dthang has a YouTube channel with over 90.4k followers. His every music video gets millions of views. His 10 popular rap videos on his YouTube channel show his hard work and how he aspires to create uniqueness in his work. He has over 215k followers on his Instagram account (@dthangracks). He gained popularity through his hard work and persistence.

Net Worth

Considering Dthang’s popularity and fan following, he is a millionaire. Though the actual amount is not known, his net worth is more than $2 million. He collaborated and beefed with fellow rapper Kay Flock which gained him more limelight. His income sources are from social media platforms, any side hassles are still unknown to us.

Current Arrestment

Dthang GZ - Arrestment
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Recently the famous rapper Dthang GZ and 33 other members were arrested on the 65 indictment charge. The arrest was carried out because it was believed that Dthang GZ and 33 others are involved in an attempted murder, animal cruelty, criminal possession of weapons, and attempted assault. These charges were hit for August 2020 gang assault and several shootings in NYC. The investigation is still under processing whether the charges alleged are true or not.


Being an African American rapper is not an easy job. It takes sheer persistence and effort to make a name among the freedom rappers. He produces unique music and gained millions of views on his songs like ‘On the Radar Freestyle’, ‘Habits’, ‘Play it back’, etc.

There is not much known about Dthang GZ’s personal life, and our sources are working hard to find genuine information regarding him. When people enter the limelight, it is natural that the fans want to know about their favorite. If we find any further information regarding him, we will update you, till then enjoy the article.

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