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graeme hall the dogfather

Have you watched “Dogs behaving (very) badly” on channel 5? What a great show it is! Especially for the individual whose dog is not listening to him, is fierce, and has forgotten basic manners.

This big hit is still trending and from this TV show, Graeme Hall became a star for many, especially the people who have canines.

If you want to know more about Graeme hall then keep on reading the article as it won’t take more than 5 minutes, moreover, I assure you that you won’t find any other source which can inform you Graeme Hall’s Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Instagram, and Biography, not even Wikipedia.

Who is Graeme Hall The Dogfather?

Graeme Hall

As I have said not even “Wikipedia”, that is because the Graeme Hall biography is not present anywhere else but don’t worry I’m here to tell you all the information you need to know about him. Let’s start with his ethnicity first. Graeme Hall is a British national and thus lives in England.

There is a saying that his net worth is 1000,000 bucks. But I won’t mention this to you with surety. Honestly saying, we have no accurate idea about his income but because of his fame and reputation, we assume that he earns a weighty income.

He is around 50+ and happily married to Elenor Perry Hall. They got married on March 17, 2017.

Elenor is an ACCA-qualified lady. She is an accountant and has been working as a manager for 20 years, on the other hand, Graeme Hall is famous for training dogs. He works as a dog trainer and behaviorist.

Graeme Hall Elenor Perry Hall

Due to his great command on his work and positive results, many celebrities have hired him to train their dog. He travels throughout the nation just to help canines and the little dogs who need him for their better behavior.

The best part about Graeme Hall is that he is not just after making money, but he also helps people and their pets for free. That is the reason he is quite famous and not less than any celebrity.

He has been featured on BBC Breakfast and ITV. Graeme Hall has published two books “Perfectly Imperfect Puppy” and “All Dogs Great and Small”.

These two books were a big hit. His “Perfectly Imperfect Puppy” is about how to train little puppies without putting pressure on them and if they don’t behave accurately as you want them to, then give them space and don’t force them until they start listening to you once again.

All Dogs Great and Small” is not just a bestseller but tells you about how Graeme Hall has trained over 50,000 dogs of different breeds and has generated a formula through which you can train your dog.

To know this golden formula read the book and I bet you won’t regret it. Graeme Hall has 103k followers on Instagram.

Along with Instagram, you can also find him on Facebook and Twitter with a huge range of devotees. By scrolling on his Instagram account we find out that he has a busy schedule.

He travels a lot and connects people to him by arranging seminars. Pictures of various seminars can be found on his Instagram account. He has not shared about his personal life anywhere on social media platforms.

One thing that I noticed is his Instagram account is quite managed, either he uploads everything by himself or has an assistant.

Whoever is behind managing his Instagram account, one thing that I must say is that he is utterly active on social platforms and engages his followers with him from time to time.

Graeme Hall’s height is not mentioned anywhere but we can assume that he is a tall handsome man and would be 6 feet 2 inches. What made me write about him is the way he is with people behind the camera.

Along with being sincere in his work, Graeme Hall is quite humble to his co-workers, not only in front of the camera but behind it as well. After his official seminars, he answers every query made to him and helps them in every way he could.


Graeme Hall faq

Does Graeme Hall have any children?

Graeme Hall does not share about his private life and thus there is no news about Graeme Hall and whether his wife has a child or not.

Does Graeme Hall himself have a pet?

Yes, Graeme Hall and his wife have a pet named Lily.

Does Graeme Hall have a nationality other than British nationality?

Although he travels a lot he doesn’t have any other nationality other than British.


Graeme Hall is a well-known pet father who has also been hired by celebrities to train their pets. He has written two famous books, “Perfectly Imperfect Puppy” and “All Dogs Great and Small”, the latter one is a best seller.

The Dogfather has been on TV for shows including BBC Breakfast, ITV, and Channel 5. He is happily married to Elenor, an accountant who has been working as a manager for 20 years.

Hall doesn’t share information or pictures of his private life but keeps his followers engaged by updating them about his upcoming schedule.