Gus Dapperton Net Worth in 2024

Gus Dapperton Current Net Worth

Net Worth:$1 Million
Date of Birth:March 11, 1997
Last Updated:2021

Gus Dapperton is a famous modern-day indie and synth-pop singer. The popular Netflix series 13 Reasons Why put him under the spotlight for the first time.

As of 2024, Gus Dapperton has a net worth of around $1 million. Since he is still fresh in the industry most of what he earns comes from direct music sales and some tours. He is yet to make a big play in the endorsement field as of now.

Music Career

Gus first appeared in the scene when he released the first single “Moodna. Once with Grace”. It was 2016 and his unique style of music made the singer quite familiar in the indie and bedroom pop music community.

Then the 20-year old released two back-to-back EPs named Yellow and Such and You Think You’re A Comic.

In 2019, he finally released his first album named Where Polly People Go to Read. Up until now, Gus was getting moderate to minimum response, but this album changed the scenario.

Indie critics around the world loved it and one even said, “an album that uses novelty as a Trojan horse to sneak a glistening new pop identity into the world.”

The singer went on on his first tour to promote the album. The new indie star has toured a lot in the US and Europe in the past couple of years. Gus’s second album Orca came out in 2024. The album had a moderate commercial performance.

Early Life

Gus was born on March 11, 1997, in Warwick, New York. Growing up he was always attracted to music. He went to Drexel University although he dropped out of it to focus on music. 

Personal Life

Often criticized for his choice of dressing and hairstyle, the artist has proven himself multiple times. Gus has been vocal about his styles and beliefs. In a conversation on depression, he told SPIN, “[Musicians] are usually afraid to portray … to a large audience if they’re suffering or if they’re feeling depressed.”

Gus has been dating Jess Farran, a photographer, and director. The couple has worked on multiple projects together developing a beautiful relationship with each other.