6 Great Ideas for Starting a Small Business Online: The Online Entrepreneur’s Playbook

The rapid digitalization of virtually all aspects of our daily lives has brought many opportunities for people to start their own businesses and create a new income stream for themselves. But, of course, competition is tough in the digital world, and everyone is looking for a place under the online sun.

As with traditional businesses, you must invest in your online business and cover the costs of starting it. If you need quick access to capital and are looking for financing options, you can check out this website to learn everything about small business loans, discover, and compare the best options on the market.

But let’s say you’ve got the financing aspect under control, yet you don’t know what kind of business you want to start. Well, worry not! There are plenty of ideas you can use for your online business, and today, we will list six great ones that will help you get started!

1. Start Your Own eCommerce Store

eCommerce and online shopping have become the new norm since the COVID-19 pandemic. People have replaced going out and getting what they need with browsing and buying online. This includes anything from clothes to groceries to medicine.

You can take advantage of this new way of shopping and create your own online store where you can sell virtually anything you want. You can make and sell your own products, like shirts, jeans, or sweatpants. Or, you can sell products from multiple other companies. Or, you can take these two options and sell both if you like. The opportunities that eCommerce brings are endless!

2. Sell Your Craft

Handmade products are always in demand, especially for jewelry, accessories, or anything that makes people feel unique. If you are good with your hands and can make things yourself, you can earn a lot of money by creating and selling your designs online.

You can create a website where you will display and sell your handmade products, and you can use social media to promote your business and reach as many customers as possible. Additionally, you can include a customization option where customers can create their own designs that you will make for them.

3. Monetize Your Knowledge

Online courses are highly sought after and are becoming the new way of learning for many people, especially the younger generation. So, if you have any expertise or knowledge on a specific topic that you want to share, you can create and sell an online course to customers.

You can do this in many ways. For example, you can start a podcast and charge customers for access to exclusive content where you provide a guide or a solution to a problem. You can also create written guides or how-to articles that will be included in a subscription-based online newsletter, and customers will need to subscribe to access.

Also, you can create video guides where you explain how something is done using a step-by-step approach.

4. Offer Your Services

Aside from physical products and knowledge, people and businesses are always looking to outsource tasks that they themselves cannot perform. This is especially the case for IT services because many business owners do not have the knowledge, skill, or time to take care of the technical aspects of their websites.

So, if you are skilled in web development and website management or can resolve any other IT issue, you can create a website to advertise your skills and enable businesses to hire you directly. For instance, many website owners need a graphic designer to help them improve their brands and online image.

5. Create Content for Others

All websites need to have content so that they can attract customers to their business and improve their search engine rankings. So whether the website sells products and services or is in another line of business, all websites nowadays have blogs discussing topics relevant to their customer base.

Additionally, not all website owners have the time or skill to write valuable content, so they look for someone else who can do that. And, if you are good with words and have a creative mind, you can take advantage of this and write content for others.

You can advertise your writing skills by creating your own website, and you can contact businesses or individuals that need your services directly. After accumulating your client base, you can hire other content writers and form a team that works with many websites across different industries.

6. Organize and Plan Virtual Events

If you are good at organizing and have good people skills, you can become a virtual event planner. You can charge individuals and businesses a fee to plan their virtual conferences and create virtual networking opportunities and educational sessions for their employees.

This can prove quite profitable for you because many companies have a remote global workforce, making them unable to conduct physical meetings, conferences, and team-building activities as often as needed.


Starting a small online business is a great way to increase your income. There are plenty of ways to profit from the online world, and the six ideas we mentioned are just a few you can use to get your online career off the ground.

So, regardless of the type of online business you start, make sure that it’s something you enjoy. Because, at the end of the day, there is nothing better than making money by doing something you love.