MityLite has launched Protection Shields to help protect the public from contact interaction. The shields are designed for use in hotels, restaurants, education and government offices, retail checkout counters, medical offices, and business areas.

“Right now, with the current challenges with COVID-19, having memorable gatherings, which is part of our mission, is very much a challenge,” said Alexei Dobsky, vice president of operations for MITY Inc. “In response to this, we are excited to offer countertop shields. We are now working through everything that needs to be done to offer these and other helpful products in our manufacturing facilities. We want people to make meaningful connections with one another in a safe way and we are proud to be finding solutions to do this.”

The countertop shields are specifically made to protect employees and customers from airborne, virus-containing droplets caused by speaking, sneezing, laughing or coughing. Using the product will help minimize the risk associated with face-to-face interactions in public places.

“Countertop shields are necessary for our customers in a wide span of industries so they can safely continue doing business in this new normal,” said Spencer Posey, vice president of research and development at MITY Inc. “We offer several models of countertop shields, and this new design is sleek with minimal parts. It’s also extremely cost-effective. These acrylic shields can be easily set up, and we offer numerous options such as having the shield sit flush with the counter or having a 2-inch gap at the bottom for the transfer of items.”

These clear, safety partitions are minimally intrusive and made form heavy-duty acrylic. Some models also feature a sleek aluminum frame. The shields are easy to clean and sanitize with common products. Multiple sizes and style options are available, and the shields are designed for easy setup, takedown, and storage.

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