I'm sure this is a topic salespeople throughout the world discuss regularly in bars, pubs and local restaurants.  I've "Googled" the question, believing if it's on the Internet it must be true. It is truly amazing how much information can be found on the web, and the amount of time people spend surfing the web every day.  Our lives have forever changed as the result of computers, smart phones and the World Wide Web.  We have become a generation of instant gratification with the world at our fingertips.

Skype, Zoom, Face-Time, Netflix, Hulu and live-streaming video have just become a way of life.  I've sidetracked myself briefly, but I intend to answer the question shortly.  With all the technological advancements of this generation, we have created a form of learning entertainment.  People are far more comfortable in front of a computer monitor than they are a book, for example.  Computer or tablet learning is becoming mainstream and books are becoming side stream.  We are creating a culture of watchers versus doers.  In a recent survey conducted in Great Britain, it was discovered, the majority of youth would rather watch the movie instead of reading the book.

OK, with that background, I'm back on track.  If you are a salesperson listening to or reading this sales nugget, you are not the best salesperson in the world.  You may be really good, but you are not even close to being the world's greatest salesperson.  This may sound weird, but no one with the title or function of selling is the best salesperson in the world and they never will be.  Without question, the greatest salesperson in the world is a happy, satisfied customer.

If you want to increase your sales, you better be using your happy, satisfied customers to make sales.  Most every salesperson mentions their happy, satisfied customers to new prospects, hoping to influence their decision, based on the contentment of both current and former customers.  Progressive salespeople even contact their customers and arrange for a written letter of endorsement, or a video endorsement that can be shared with current prospects.  Based on the fact that current trends suggest people would rather watch than read, those salespeople currently enjoying the most success are all sharing video endorsements from their happy, satisfied customers.

A smart phone is a great tool for capturing a video endorsement.  Discuss the satisfaction you have provided your happy, satisfied customer.  Encourage them to say nice, but truthful things about your company, products and you.  Once you have engaged them in conversation, ask if they would be willing to say it on camera.  A video endorsement of twenty to sixty seconds is perfect.  Show it to them when they are finished so they are comfortable with the result.

A happy, satisfied customer, speaking to your prospect via a video endorsement, is able to capture attention unlike anything you have ever done before.  People are captivated by video and easily drawn into its message.  Your happy, satisfied customer will always be more believable than you because they aren't selling anything, just sharing an honest recommendation.  You, on the other hand, are selling, and no one wants to be sold anything.  Engage a whole team of customers to sell for you through video endorsements.  A prospect will more readily watch what a customer has to say, than to read what they have written.  The advancements of technology clearly dictate that happy, satisfied customers will make far more sales than salespeople.