More and more business leaders are seeing that cultivating equality is not just the right thing to do, but also the smart thing. Data shows that customers and employees expect companies to drive equality and that it has a tangible impact on the bottom line.

Join the South Valley Chamber in a Facebook Live event on October 20 to discuss why diversity and inclusion matters and the role you can play at your company to cultivate equality.

Featured speakers include Ross Romero, Principal, Inclusion Strategies; and Pam Perlich, Director of Demographic Research, Kem C. Gardener Policy Institute.

Here are the top 10 ways diversity in the workplace influences a company
1.  A diverse workforce drives economic growth.
2.  A diverse workforce can capture a greater share of the consumer market.
3.  Recruiting from a diverse pool of candidates means a more qualified workforce.
4.  A diverse and inclusive workforce helps businesses avoid employee turnover costs.
5.  Diversity fosters a more creative and innovative workforce.
6.  Businesses need to adapt to our changing nation to be competitive in the economic market.
7.  Diversity is a key aspect of entrepreneurialism.
8.  Diversity in business ownership, particularly among women of color, is key to moving our economy forward.
9.  Diversity in the workplace is necessary to create a competitive economy in a globalized world.
10.  Diversity in the boardroom is needed to leverage a company's full potential.

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