The foundation, the basis for all success in selling, is built on two basic principles – time management and activity.  In reality, these two principles are the only aspects of your life over which you have control.  Time and activity are elements you can manage; everything else in your life is determined outside the realm of your control.  This basic understanding of these two fundamental elements is paramount to both sales success, and personal triumph in your life.

To gain control of your existence and master these two principles, it is critical to understand they encompass two spheres, the mental and the physical.  These two dimensions must work together in harmony in order to accomplish your true potential.  Unfortunately, many salespeople live only in the physical element of reality, neglecting the proven power of mental activity.

To be successful in life, all things must first occur mentally before taking action physically.  By taking the mental step first, you are programming the physical activity of your objectives into your bio computer” (your brain) in order to increase the likelihood of your physical success.  Physical actions performed in the absence of a mental objective are hollow behaviors void of purpose.  Then, when faced with difficulty or choice, the action, conducted in a vacuum of purpose is easily abandoned.  It is the mental program or goal, that keeps physical actions focused on success.  Thus, all goals must be mentally defined and then programmed into your subconscious mind to provide the greatest degree of success.

The best method for programing your mind is to write down your goals, review them, envision yourself accomplishing the physical activity and then mentally enjoying the rewards of your triumph.  Once you have empowered the mental aspect of your actions by committing yourself through goal setting, you are programmed for success.

Lack of planning is a guaranteed plan for failure.  Good things dont just happen.  There is no such thing as luck.”  Those people who appear to be the benefactors of good fortune, have in reality planned their actions, putting them in a position that others might interpret as lucky.  It didnt just happen by chance, it happened as the natural consequence of deliberate action. 

Time management is the most broadly taught, but least applied principle of personal achievement.  Everyone knows about time management, but very few people actively apply it in their quest for greater performance and success in life.  Your time is your most valuable resource and one of only two aspects of your life you can control.  The basis for properly managing your time is to first determine what is most important in your life.  Having made that determination, you can plan and schedule the time to do those things of most value to you.  Time management and planning is not to just focus on those things that need urgent attention, but rather, to identify all activities necessary to achieve your true happiness and objectives. 

Begin your day by identifying all those activities that could and should be done today.  Include items relating to your personal and family goals.  If you have goals, but never plan and schedule the steps of achievement, they will become dimly lit dreams of the past.  Remember, in planning your day, urgent things are not necessarily important things.  As you create your list of tasks, prioritize them.  Make sure all the important tasks are completed each day.  Turn each of your tasks into a mini” goal by determining how much time you are going to devote to its completion.  Work diligently to complete each activity within the amount of time allocated.  Move each activity into a specific time frame or block of time for its completion.  Give yourself rewards for completing various tasks; make time management fun, make it a game. 

You will accomplish far more of your goals through applying the principles of time management than any other way.  The objective is achievement, not just being busy.  The only way to guarantee achievement is through goal setting and time management.  Goal setting is the vehicle for achievement and time management is the engine.  Make this year the best year of your life, by focusing on the only two elements of life you can control – your time and your activity.  Develop a goal-focused life in order to achieve those things that are of most value to you, and then apply the principle of time management to insure they get done.