You don’t want to be sold, I don’t want to be sold, no one wants to be sold anything.  The number one reason my wife avoids salespeople is because she doesn’t want to be sold.  She loves to buy, and who doesn’t, but she will avoid a salesperson or coldly say, “No thank you” to anyone who tries to sell her anything.  Anyone who knows anything about sales will say the same thing, “People don’t want to be sold".  So then, why do salespeople focus their efforts on selling?  The answer is very simple; they sincerely believe salespeople are supposed to sell.  After all, that is why they are called salespeople.

Now for a completely different perspective, one that makes sense and avoids the “up hill” battle of trying to sell.   Instead of meeting head-on the natural resistance to being sold, why not focus your efforts on assisting people to do what they want, which is to buy.  Helping people to buy is easier, natural and will meet no defiance.  It may sound illogical, strange and totally out of character, but that is exactly what needs to be done.  Salespeople have been selling people since the beginning of time and the results speak for themselves.  On average, twenty percent of people buy from salespeople who are selling goods and services.  Conversely, one hundred percent of people buy what they want to buy.  Make it easy on yourself as a salesperson and even easier on your customers and prospects by helping them buy instead of trying to sell them something.

The other day I was training a group of engineers to be salespeople.  I asked them to raise their hand if they considered themselves a salesperson.  No one raised their hand.  I asked them to raise their hand if they were an engineer.  Everyone raised their hand in response to this last question.  Then I explained to them I wasn’t going to turn them into salespeople, rather, I was going to teach them how to discover the prospect’s needs and then present a solution that would solve their problems and meet their needs.  I emphasized they were not going to be selling anyone anything.  They would be discovering needs and then presenting solutions to those needs, which would then cause the prospect to want to buy as opposed to being sold.  Remember, one hundred percent of people want to buy and on average only twenty percent of people are sold by salespeople.

Here is the formula for greater sales success than you have ever imagined.  A formula so simple you will be tempted to dismiss it.  This formula goes contrary to everything you have ever learned and applied in the sales arena.  You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by applying this formula.  If it doesn’t work, you can always go back to what you were doing before; doing those things you believed were correct, but only produced marginal results while consuming large amounts of time and exhausting great amounts of effort.

Build a relationship with every prospect.  People buy from people they believe, like and trust (BLT).

Discover their needs, wants and desires.  Diagnose their pain, just as a doctor would do with any patient.

Present your product or service as a solution to their needs, or a cure for their pain.  Do this only if your product is the correct solution or cure.  If not, give them a recommendation for the right product and wish them well.

Help them realize the value of your solution and clarify exactly how it will remove their pain or solve their problem.

Confirm your diagnosis and subsequent recommendation and then ask if they are comfortable with your professional solution.  Resolve any concerns they may have and ask how they would like to proceed.

As a trusted advisor, your prescription for their pain will be accepted, purchased and applied.  Their trust and respect for you will continue to grow as they experience a positive result from their decision to buy.  No salesperson will ever have a hundred percent of their prospects choosing to purchase from them.  However, you could increase the percentage of people you sell, from twenty to ninety percent of those people who want to buy from you.  Remember, no one wants to be sold, but everyone wants to buy.