O.C. Tanner announced The Dow Chemical Company as its 2016 recipient of the Recognition Leadership Award for its outstanding results in building a culture of communication, collaboration, and appreciation of great work.

"Dow is honored to receive the 2016 Recognition Leadership Award, which is a testament to our company's focus on building a culture of appreciation," said Johanna Söderström, Corporate Vice President, Human Resources. "Recognition and appreciation are not only corporate priorities, but they help our employees thrive. Our goal was to develop a global strategy that also connects with each employee on an individual level, and O.C. Tanner has been a great partner in this journey."

Each year, O.C. Tanner honors one of their outstanding client organizations whose efforts in helping employees feel appreciated have set it apart in its industry and with its employees. The selection is based on the extent to which recognition is strategically integrated with the winning company's organizational goals and culture, the frequency and reach of recognition experiences throughout the enterprise, the level of senior leadership involvement and support, and its ability to measure and attain exemplary results.

O.C. Tanner selects this winner from among thousands of clients, which includes many from the Fortune Best Places To Work and Global 2000 lists.

The culture at Dow, when described by their own employees, is a culture of openness, innovation, diversity, team spirit, and growth. By focusing on the feedback they heard from their employees, they made changes to their recognition program companywide.

With approximately 50,000 employees in nearly 180 countries, Dow is an iconic global brand that has transformed the way it recognizes the great work of its employees.

In just a short period of time after launching in 2014, Dow has seen incredible results from their work with their Accelerate Great recognition program. An employee recognition moment occurs at Dow every three minutes, resulting in 165,500 recognition moments in 2015, an increase of 18 percent from the previous year. Additionally, 84 percent of Dow's employees are engaged in formal recognition, up 11 percent from 2014.

"In a remarkable amount of time Dow has been successful in elevating a culture of appreciation that is personalized and creates an incredible emotional connection for its employees around the globe," saidO.C. Tanner President and CEO Dave Petersen. "Their desire to jump in and innovate their recognition strategy was impressive, and the outcome even more so."

Dow was presented the O.C. Tanner Recognition Leadership Award during O.C. Tanner's annual Executive Recognition Summit in Chicago.