Transportation Intermediaries Association announced Jason Beardall, president of England Logistics, has begun his term as the elected chairman of TIA. Beardall officially took the gavel on April 6, 2017 at the annual TIA Capital Ideas Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With over 1,600 member companies, TIA aims to encourage and promote third-party logistics professionals by providing services such as education, professional connections and other various resources. In doing so, shippers are provided with a network of quality third-party logistics professionals educated on best business practices. Beardall's platform will focus on increasing awareness of the benefits available to shippers when they utilize TIA members.

As an active member of TIA for over 13 years, Beardall looks forward to continuously engaging with and guiding the logistics industry. Since joining the association, he has served as a board member and executive committee member, as well as participated on various committees. "I have experienced firsthand the benefits that come from associating with and investing in TIA," stated Beardall. "I am honored to serve with this association and support them in their efforts."