Mobilitie, LLC further demonstrated its commitment to communities and Major League Soccer by donating $30,000 to help fund the construction of futsal courts at Constitution Park in Salt Lake City.

 The company presented the check during halftime of the July 29 Real Salt Lake match against the Columbus Crew. 

Futsal courts, also called mini-pitches, are hard-surface playing areas about the size of a basketball court, designed specifically for soccer. 

"For Mobilitie, it's all about communities and connectivity," said Christos Karmis, president of Mobilitie, LLC.  "The goals of our partnership with Real Salt Lake, and with other MLS teams, is to help the youth of this country stay connected with family, friends, teammates and the other social communities that are so important to their growth and development."

"We are so excited about Mobilitie's donation to the RSL Foundation. This donation will help fund the new futsal courts at the Northwest Community Center. These Futsal courts will offer children in this westside community a safe place to play, while providing a soccer environment that encourages unstructured play where kids just need a ball and passion to play," said Mary VanMinde, executive director of the RSL Foundation.

Futsal was introduced in the 1930s and has become more widespread across the U.S. as soccer and the MLS have become more popular. Due to limited funding and physical space, many municipalities lack the resources to build full-size soccer fields, and futsal courts offer an appealing alternative for those living in urban environments.

"We're tremendously excited about our relationships with RSL and other MLS teams and what we can accomplish across the country," said Karmis. "Our networks not only bridge communication gaps, but their design and technology also bring robust 4G LTE coverage to previously underserved communities, helping eliminate the digital divide."

As a corporate partner with RSL and working with Major League Soccer (MLS) teams across the country, Mobilitie is actively contributing to the opportunities of growth for youth athletics and communities.

Construction of the courts will begin this month and will be completed and open to the public in September, following a grand opening ceremony.