Entrepreneurs, business leaders, academics, investors and other interested community members are invited to hear about two regional startup businesses during a monthly event called 1 Million Cups. 

Join us at Weber State Downtown, 2314 Washington Blvd, Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at 8:30 a.m. with a FREE hosted breakfast and, of course, coffee as we continue to grow the 1 Million Cups Northern Utah community. We are part of one hundred plus chapters and growing across the United States caffeinating an entrepreneurial nation!

On the first Wednesday of each month, two regional entrepreneurs are selected from a range of applicants and invited to share their business ideas, network, and receive valuable feedback and critiques from curated attendees and the public. Those interested in attending or presenting their business idea can visitwww.1millioncups.com/ogden for more information.

Entrepreneur presenters for our November 1, 2017 event will feature Orlin Wetzker whose experienced team of engineers at “Transcend Innovations” helps entrepreneurs make their ideas a reality along with Deidre Russo of “A Gift on the Go” who provides unique kids’ presents gift-bagged and ready for pick up on the way to the event.