Castle & Cooke Mortgage, LLC® was named one of the 2017 Best Medium Workplaces by Great Place to Work and FORTUNE.

The Utah-based employer was ranked #40among the 100 winning medium organizations. This ranking considered 74,000 surveys from employees at hundreds of businesses in all sectors of the economy.

Castle & Cooke Mortgage earned a spot on this list based on co-workers' assessment of the camaraderie, leadership, fairness, rewards and career opportunities enjoyed by all in their workplace.

"Being recognized by such a distinguished organization as a top employer is a proud moment for our company," stated Adam Thorpe, COO and President of Castle & Cooke Mortgage. "This honor is a testament to our exceptionally talented and dedicated employees, each of whom make up the heart and soul of our organization. It's their positive energy, tenacity and forward-thinking attitudes that truly qualify Castle & Cooke Mortgage as a great workplace."

Outstanding small and mid-sized employers – as identified by their employees – are substantially more likely to report work experiences linked to retention, innovation and good customer service, according to research by Great Place to Work. The winning organizations are also more likely than their peers to maintain a healthy organizational culture as they grow larger and more complex.

"The Best Small & Medium workplaces are laying the groundwork for future success by building trust, cooperation and leadership credibility. All of these enhance business performance and create a positive environment for doing business," said Michael Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work.