Workfront announced that the company has joined, a new non-profit organization focused on bringing gender parity to the highest level of business, by accepting the ParityPledge.

The ParityPledge asks for companies to commit to interviewing at least one qualified woman candidate for every open position, vice president and above, including the C-Suite and the board.

The ParityPledge was inspired by the NFL's Rooney Rule, a straightforward solution that improved diversity at leadership levels of NFL teams by requiring teams to include more diverse slate of candidates in the interview process. In just three years, the Rooney Rule helped increase representation of African Americans in team leadership positions from six percent to 22 percent.

"According to statistics, women comprise over half of the population, but only a quarter make up executive and senior-level management positions, and only 5% of women are CEOs," said Laura Butler, SVP of People and Culture at Workfront. "These are stark statistics, but it is important to understand that this isn't just about meeting quotas, or simply hiring someone because of their gender. This is an effort to ensure that women are given equal opportunities to compete for jobs because increasing gender equality in the workplace drives innovation, creates a contagious culture, and both these things positively impact our clients. For nearly six months we have had a policy in place that focuses on ensuring women are interviewed for every open position and we are really seeing positive change within our company because of it."

Earlier this year Workfront accepted the ElevateHER challenge and by accepting the ParityPledge it solidifies Workfront's commitment to elevating woman in its organization and stepping up its commitment to gender equality.

One example of Workfront's commitment to make the company an attractive place to work for women is its new maternity policy, now giving women 12 weeks of paid leave, and three weeks paid for paternity leave. Workfront also offers US-based employees up to $7,000 towards adoption fees. Additionally, in the past year, there have been multiple "Lean In" chapters started where women are encouraged to uplift and empower other women in the company.   Workfront is also an elite sponsor of Women in Tech, an organization that is built specifically for women working in STEM (Science Technology Engineering, and Math) positions.   The focus on increasing the influence of women is bolstered by the fact that 40% of Workfront's current senior leadership team are women.

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