Qualtrics announces the appointment of Julie Larson-Green as Chief Experience Officer, effective January 2018.

As CXO, Larson-Green will be leading the design of Qualtrics' intricately connected customer, employee, product and brand experiences. She will also advise Qualtrics' customers globally on how to develop their experience management strategies.

Larson-Green is recognized for her ability to foster innovative teams and build scalable business models. Throughout her career she has played pivotal roles in shaping products that enable productivity and cohesive experiences across product platforms.

"With the release of the Experience Management Platform™ in March of this year, Qualtrics is at a pivotal point in changing how organizations leverage experience data. The connection between employee perception, product and brand performance, and customer engagement is more important to understand than ever before," said Larson-Green. "With Qualtrics leading this fundamental shift in how businesses operate, I knew they were the right company for me to connect my passion for people with experience-driven product innovation."

"Just like a platform for experience management will become standard in every organization, the CXO role will become imperative for every business. Julie is an incredible leader and we are thrilled to have her join Qualtrics," said Ryan Smith, co-founder and CEO of Qualtrics. "Her expertise in creating innovative cultures and products that serve billions of people worldwide is legendary. Julie will help us take Qualtrics and the XM Platform to the next level as we continue to pioneer experience management with enterprise customers."

"To build enduring organizations, companies need to be able to understand how people perceive business value by measuring and managing the four core experiences—customer, employee, product and brand—in a single system," said Julie Larson-Green. "This role is an incredible opportunity to lead new innovations in product development and customer-driven culture."

Prior to joining Qualtrics, Larson-Green spent 25 years at Microsoft, most recently as its Chief Experience Officer where she led Microsoft's efforts to reimagine the Office suite for intelligent work through artificial intelligence, collaboration tools, and digital assistance capabilities.