With over 150 new law enforcement publications, Blue360°™ Media makes it their business to track legal trends affecting the law enforcement community.

The number of legal and statutory changes each year presents a challenge to law enforcement officers, who rely on the most accurate and current information in order to enforce the law. As the leading provider of law enforcement publications, Blue360° Media updates their Criminal and Traffic ManualsLegislative UpdatesField GuidesOfficer Series and Constitutional Criminal Procedure Manuals in accordance with individual state criminal and traffic laws, as well as state and federal court decisions.

In early 2018, Blue360° Media's publications will include an overview of changes impacting law enforcement from the previous year. This enhancement addresses the complexity of legal updates, making new laws and statutes easy for law enforcement to find and enforce. Below is a recap of 2017:

  • "SWATTING" – Increased penalties if a false emergency call prompts an extensive emergency/police response, including the SWAT team.
  • Sale, Possession, and Use of Fentanyl – Tighter regulations and increased penalties.
  • Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking, Child Pornography – Added penalties and stronger laws.
  • Persons with Disabilities / Juveniles with Autism – New police officer training mandates.
  • Criminal Immunity for Forcibly Entering a Car – Good Samaritan statutes for entering a car to remove a child or animal that is in imminent danger of being seriously harmed.
  • Insurance Cards and Vehicle Registration – May now be displayed electronically or digitally on the motorist's mobile device.
  • Transportation Network Companies (e.g. Uber and Lyft) – All states have enacted new laws and regulations for this expanding service.
  • New Driver Education – Instructs drivers on police procedures during traffic stops, including proper actions motorists should take when interacting with a police officer.
  • Body-Worn Cameras – New laws provide guidelines and procedures for officers.

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