Brooke Burton, Quality Director for Gold Cross Ambulance, has been elected to the Board of The National EMS Management Association.

She will serve as the liaison for the Quality/Performance Improvement Committee, responsible for developing standards, education, and a credential for Quality Managers in Paramedicine.

The National EMS Management Association (NEMSMA) is a professional association of EMS leaders dedicated to the discovery, development, and promotion of excellence in leadership and management in EMS systems, regardless of EMS system model, organizational structure or agency affiliation.

“During an emergency, our patients deserve the highest quality customer service and clinical care,” said Brooke Burton, Gold Cross Ambulance Quality Director. “Our goal is to work with other agencies across the county to implement best practices, teach excellent service, and measure and improve all aspects of Paramedicine.”

According to the group, providing competent, effective, and safe patient care is a universal expectation. Utilizing the network will help raise standards within agencies, increase the perception of professionalism of the quality coordinator, and achieve success in improving patient care more quickly and dramatically.