Sterling Construction Company, Inc. announced that its subsidiary, Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction Company, LLC was selected by the Utah Department of Transportation to widen the westbound section of I-80 from Jeremy Ranch to Summit Park, Utah. The project is valued at approximately $18 million.

RLW will be responsible for adding a passing lane 2.57 miles long to improve traffic flow and safety with slower moving heavy hauls and semi-trucks climbing the summit. The project also involves rehabilitating both eastbound and westbound structures of I-80 near Jeremy Ranch including the replacement of parapets and overhangs, and the repair of bridge decks and substructures. In addition, the project includes the installation of a new drainage system and a new brake check area. Lastly, RLW will construct UDOT’s first ever wildlife bridge. The 322 foot long bridge spans over I-80 west of Summit Park and will connect with miles of wildlife fencing to allow for safe passage of wildlife in the area. The project will take eight months to complete, beginning in the spring of 2018 and finishing during the latter part of the fall.

Joe Cutillo, Sterling’s CEO, commented, “This award further strengthens our backlog in the Utah region, and will showcase RLW’s expertise in bridge building, and highway rehabilitation. The widening of I-80 is a critical step towards enhancing driver safety as this portion of the road is very steep and has a high volume of long-haul trucks. We’re particularly excited about constructing UDOT’s first ever wildlife bridge. This stretch of I-80 frequently has large animals crossing the freeway, putting both drivers and wildlife at risk. The bridge will include a comprehensive aesthetic package which attempts to blend the structure into the natural surroundings. Once connected to the existing wildlife fence, this project will ultimately reduce the number of wildlife-vehicle collisions.”