appointed SaaS industry growth leader, Chris Harrington, as Chief Operating Officer.

Harrington drove widespread SaaS adoption for digital sales and marketing powerhouses Omniture, Adobe, and Domo, changing the face of B2B sales by driving growth at three of the fastest growing software companies.

At Omniture, Harrington drove seven years of annual recurring revenue (ARR) growth from $4 million to over $500 million. Omniture grew to serve more than 5,000 global customers before it was acquired for $1.8 billion by Adobe Systems, where he led all enterprise sales for the Americas and was responsible for $890 million in revenue. Most recently, Harrington served as President of the $2 billion business intelligence leader, Domo, where he worked with board members Josh James and Mark Gorenberg to create one of the fastest growing large software companies.

“We couldn’t have found a better fit to help us lead the next major transition in B2B sales technology. As a proven growth leader, Chris has an unmatched track record for creating business value and redefining sales and marketing as we know it,” said Dave Elkington, CEO of “His multifaceted understanding of modern growth challenges and his ability to make B2B sales successful is just what our customers need to unlock new levels of growth.”

“It’s brutal out there for sales professionals. With quotas on the rise, elusive buyers and intense competition, sales really needs an advantage beyond CRM to win,” said Chris Harrington. “I was drawn to because I trust the management team and the technology and the collective data behind the platform. There are few products that have an immediate effect on the revenue scoreboard, and this is one of them. It gives sales that extra advantage to build buyer trust and prioritize tasks using AI insights so nothing distracts them from closing deals. I can’t think of a better fit for my background and my passion.”