Vivint Solar, Inc. announced that it raised nearly $150,000 in employee donations for Engage Now Africa, an international non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to rescue, heal and empower children in Africa.

These donations are being used to rescue and rehabilitate child trafficking victims from Ghana, as well as support legal efforts to prosecute suspected human traffickers.

In April, Vivint Solar partnered with Engage Now Africa to host a corporate charity week to rally its employees to support the NGO's cause. At the conclusion of the charity week, Vivint Solar raised nearly $150,000, more than doubling its initial goal of $60,000.

Since that fundraising event, Vivint Solar's donation has enabled Engage Now to rescue 28 children from trafficking and child slavery and educate over 20,000 people, sensitizing them to the threat of human trafficking and preventing various forms of modern slavery. Three-hundred youths across 20 regions were trained to become identifying and reporting advocates in their communities, and 10 former child slaves and child laborers continued to receive educational support through the Survivor Support Initiative.

"At Vivint Solar, we're particularly proud of how we give back," said Vivint Solar CEO David Bywater. "We're blown away by the generosity of our employees and proud to see how this contribution to Engage Now Africa's noble mission is helping to eradicate human trafficking."

Engage Now Africa aims to impact the lives of 3 million people by the end of 2020 by offering health services and medical procedures; providing access to clean water and sanitation; rescuing 350 trafficking victims; prosecuting 100 traffickers; and educating over 500,000 people to prevent them from becoming victims of trafficking in the future. The organization intercepts and rescues victims and survivors of child trafficking, child sacrifice, internal and external human trafficking or slavery in Sub-Saharan Africa.

"These funds will literally save hundreds of children's lives," said Chris Gay, Engage Now Africa's managing director for ending modern slavery. "There are children – some as young as five years old – currently enslaved in the fishing industry on Lake Volta in Ghana. We can now help them, give them a chance to heal, go to school and reunite them with their families. This is the gift that Vivint Solar has made possible. We thank everyone who donated and are truly grateful for such amazing support."

To learn more about Engage Now Africa and how to support it mission, click here.