Utah Lyft riders spend an additional $18.9 million in the Salt Lake City economy according to the 2019 economic impact report released by Lyft today. The report measures the benefits to Utahns and their communities because it is easy to get a reliable, affordable ride around Utah’s capital city.

“Every day, people are using Lyft in Salt Lake City as a way to connect with their community, support local businesses and commute more efficiently,” said Jeremy Neigher, market manager for Lyft Utah. “This has a dramatic and real impact on our city by enabling riders to move around seamlessly and drivers to earn on their own time. As Lyft works to better knit together North American cities, including through bikes and scooters, we hope to continue to find new ways to invest in the local Salt Lake City economy.”

The study showed Utah users exceed national rates in several areas:

  • 47 percent of riders used Lyft to get to the airport

  • 34 percent of healthcare riders would be less likely to make it to their appointments regularly

  • 72 percent are less likely to drive substance impaired due to the availability of Lyft

  • Late night rides account for 11 percent of rides on the platform

  • 29 percent of Lyft rideshare users have used bike or scooter-share already

Some of the benefits Utah cities have seen from Lyft can be attributed to partnerships with the University of Utah athletics department, the Ditch Your Car initiative and Sundance Film Festival, which have continued to help the Salt Lake City community by raising awareness for alternate affordable, reliable transportation options. According to the Sundance Institute, last year alone, the Sundance Film Festival brought in over $191 million to the local economy, while $20.1 million of that was spent on transportation including airfare and rideshare. Lyft also played a key role in the recent Enjoy Utah Responsibly campaign to encourage Utahns to use public transportation or rideshare for a smart ride option during the holidays as Utah’s blood alcohol content law changed. That campaign resulted in thousands of riders using the discount code provided by Lyft.

Salt Lake City’s 2019 Economic Impact Report highlights:

  • Using Lyft, riders saved 991,000 hours compared to other transportation modes – which translates to time savings valued at $30.5 million.

  • 39 percent of riders explore more areas of their city as a result of using Lyft.

  • 97 percent of drivers say 
a flexible schedule is very 
or extremely important.

  • 33 percent of riders spend more at local businesses as a result of using Lyft.

  • 95 percent of drivers drive fewer than 20 hours per week.

  • 47 percent of vehicle owners use their cars less because of Lyft.

Lyft began as an unconventional way to improve transportation and connect communities by helping people share the ride. Since then, Lyft has become a critical part of and partner with city transportation. The report indicates that companies like Lyft are increasingly helping create a seamless city living experience by making it easier for people to get around and experience Salt Lake City.

The full survey results for Salt Lake City and all others can be found here.