Chargeback announced the appointment of John Munro as Chief Executive Officer. Previously COO of Chargeback, John brings vast experience leading high-growth SaaS companies. This year has also seen the introduction of Daniel Mitchell as Chief Financial Officer, Scott Schlegel as Chief Technology Officer, and Colin Kent as Vice President of Sales.

"The disputes and chargebacks industry has heated up in the last year, with card networks moving to streamline an increasingly challenging dispute environment," said John Munro, CEO of Chargeback. "I joined Chargeback as COO as a result of the organization being poised to build an unrivaled dispute platform that produces ROI well beyond simply deflecting or responding to disputes. Now as CEO, I'm committed to executing our strategy and supporting growth and innovation with the right operational framework."

John now leads the newly-minted executive team at Chargeback that's bringing fresh perspectives and renewed vigor. Daniel Mitchell, Chargeback CFO, brings over 15 years of experience in building businesses, managing internal and external reporting, as well as risk and liquidity management for both startups and top-tier investment banks, including Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Scott Schlegel, Chargeback CTO, formerly of Nav, O.C. Tanner, and LinkedIn, has spent the last decade helping companies build high-performing product and engineering teams. Colin Kent, Chargeback VP of Sales, is an accomplished sales and strategy leader with a track record of success in multiple industries — including experience at Domo and Oracle.

John has 20 years of experience building, leading, and inspiring teams to reach their potential. Before joining Chargeback, John has lead organizations like Impact Discovery, OrangeLT, and Lighthouse eDiscovery through cultural change, resulting in record growth and EBITDA. John's singular focus on constantly improving the customer experience is delivered through aggressively advancing people, process, product, and quality.

"This new executive team and leadership puts Chargeback in a better position than ever to further itself as the leader in SaaS-driven dispute management," said Scott Stone, Chief Strategy Officer and Founder at Chargeback. "The combination of extensive knowledge and varied viewpoints has already allowed us to make changes that impact the ultimate trajectory of our business. We're all excited to see what the future holds for Chargeback."