Workfront's 6th Annual global State of Work report finds enterprise business leaders still have plenty of opportunities to help their employees focus on strategic, high-value work by implementing the right technologies, practices, and leadership.

The 2020 study, conducted by Workfront ®, the first modern work management application platform for the enterprise, surveyed 3,750 knowledge workers across the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands. 

Report highlights include: 

  • Employees are engaged — The research reveals an invested and technically astute global workforce, where employees want to do purposeful work, take pride in what they do, and crave modern technologies that help them work more strategically and efficiently. Ninety-one percent of respondents say they are proud of the work they do and 78 percent say their job represents more than a paycheck.
  • Technology can help, but only if it's the right technology — Adding more technology solutions doesn't necessarily make for better work. The study found that globally, employees spend just 43 percent of their workweek on the jobs they were hired to do. And 42 percent of respondents said the number of work applications their companies provide actually make them less productive.
  • Leadership wanted— When asked to consider the idea of a "Chief Work Officer," a person to coordinate people, work, content, process and performance and oversee the complete experience of working for the company, 67 percent of respondents told us it would be important to them to have a person like that in their company. A similar number—66 percent—report their company has yet to have that person in place.

Download the full report here

"The 2020 Workfront State of Work survey shows us that today's knowledge workers want to do important work that makes a difference for their teams and accomplishes strategic business objectives for their companies," said Steven ZoBell, chief product and technology officer at Workfront. "This research provides vital insight for enterprise leaders, demonstrating the importance of modern work management as companies work to strategically align and equip their people to accomplish extraordinary goals."