Young Living Essential Oils and The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation announced a $70,000 USD donation to combat recent fires in the Amazon and to support reforestation efforts.

The donation will go to the Institute of Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Amazon (IDESAM), based in Manaus, Amazonas State, Brazil. The Foundation chose IDESAM as a recipient based on its proven 15-year track record of focusing on climate change, forestry, sustainability, carbon neutrality, and conservation policy. IDESAM will use a portion of the funds to support immediate firefighting needs. The remaining amount will be used to fund long-term efforts to rebuild the rainforest, empower communities, and continue to campaign for change to protect this essential area. 

"As close partners with nature, we couldn't ignore our responsibility to step in and help," said Jared Turner, Young Living's President and Chief Operating Officer. "We're grateful for a global community of Young Living members who understand the importance of acting as stewards for the planet and who are willing to join us in making an impact. I'm also grateful for the work of IDESAM. They're a respected, proven organization that I'm confident will make the most of this donation," Turner said.

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