JMH Premium is pleased to announce the addition of its recently acquired Chef Myron's line of premium Asian sauces showcased in the newly enhanced JMH Premium website. 

This new site includes a welcome from the CEO, Kevin Dulin, and a virtual tour of the Culinary Design Studio and Flavor Gallery, which is the recently opened premier Research and Development Center located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Director of R&D, Nicole DeBloois shared: "Our customers really love coming and working on the bench with us in our Culinary Design Studio.  We are able to cut development time from months to just days.  And our new website will give them a sneak-peek of all of our capabilities, from initial product ideation, to concept development and sample generation, through production and, finally, delivery of the product to their door."

"We were very pleased to be able to work with Chef Myron Becker to transition production of this premium line of ready-to-use Asian sauces to our Utah manufacturing facility," Mike Clemens, VP Of Operations said.  "We were able to commercialize 13 sauces in less than 90 days, including sourcing high quality ingredients, validating the formulations, reducing to practice our processing procedures in our USDA certified pilot plant, and completing a full production run.  All without missing a beat in serving our existing customers. That says a lot about our team and our capabilities at JMH Premium." 

Laura Guthrie, Director of Marketing, added: "Not only are we able to feature the Chef Myron's addition to our brand family on our new website, but visitors can request samples, learn about our custom development capabilities, and see our product and service offerings in a more informative way. Even if you have visited the website before, we invite you back to see all that is new, including the virtual tour of our amazing Culinary Design Studio."

The new website launched globally this week. See it at