The first annual Social Enterprise and Crowdfunding Conference is coming to Utah on Friday, September 27, 2013 at Snowbird. Hosted by experts Devin D. Thorpe and Dr. Richard Swart, the one-day event will bring social innovators from around the country together to discuss social entrepreneurship, impact investing, philanthropy and crowdfunding. All entrepreneurs, investors and those with an interest in learning about and advancing the arenas of social entrepreneurship and crowdfunding should attend.

The Social Enterprise and Crowdfunding Conference will feature two general sessions and three tracks for breakout sessions. A VIP dinner will follow (separate tickets are required). Registration begins at 7:30 AM and the dinner will wrap up at approximately 9:00 PM.

Topics will include the following:

    --  How to run a successful crowdfunding campaign for a social enterprise
    --  How to run a successful crowdfunding campaign for a nonprofit
    --  Impact investing tips for crowdfund investors
    --  Doing effective due diligence for impact investors
    --  Starting a nonprofit--getting 501(c)(3) status
    --  Launching a social enterprise in a nonprofit

Event host Richard Swart said, "The roster of speakers assembling for this event makes it a 'can't miss' event for entrepreneurs, investors and philanthropists looking to increase their social impact."

The event includes an all-star line up of expert presenters from throughout the U.S.:

    --  Alan Hall, Grow America
    --  Berny Dohrmann, CEO Space
    --  Cheryl Conner, Snapp Conner PR
    --  David Boyce, Fundly
    --  Devin Thorpe, Your Mark On The World
    --  Doug Hansen, Tanner+Co.
    --  Eric Weinberg, Impact Capital Strategies
    --  Fraser Nelson, Community Foundation of Utah
    --  Jeramy Lund, Investor/Philanthropist
    --  Judy Robinett, Super Connector and Investor
    --  Lewis Hower, Sorenson Global Impact Investing Center
    --  Paul Godfrey, Brigham Young University
    --  Richard Swart, UC Berkeley/Crowdfund Capital Advisors
    --  Sang Lee, Return on Change
    --  Sydney Armani, CrowdFundBeat
    --  Ted McAleer, USTAR
    --  Todd Manwaring, BYU Ballard Center for Self-Reliance
    --  Todd Stevens, Renewable Tech Ventures
    --  Wendy Robbins, RedCapes

Silver sponsors for the event include YESCO Signs and Snapp Conner PR. Registration for the event ranges in price from $25 for students and nonprofits to $174 for VIP tickets. For a full event agenda and to register, visit