Tim Huffaker 2017Put your ego aside and accept that no one sells better than a happy, satisfied customer.  

Your customers may never consider themselves a salesperson, but they can easily double your sales if you engage them in the sales process.  Every salesperson knows the best source of new sales is repeat sales and additional sales from existing customers. The second best source of new sales comes by way of referrals and introductions from those same customers.  When was the last time you received a referral or an introduction from one of your customers? Don’t get caught up in working so hard at selling, that you neglect to involve your customers.  If you are taking care of them they will gladly reciprocate and help you. The main reason salespeople are not receiving help from their happy customers is because they are not asking and training their customers to help.  Here is a five step, sure-fire method to significantly increase your sales:

1-Survey each of your customers to ensure they are totally happy with your performance.  Tell them you want to make sure they are happy with you and you would like to ask a few questions.  The questions should include price, delivery, service, value and overall satisfaction in doing business with you and your company.  If they are dissatisfied with any aspect of your performance, or that of the product, resolve it to their satisfaction, whatever the cost.  You can’t afford to have even one unhappy customer.  When they are happy, move on to step number two.

2-Ask for their help.  Say something like, “I’m wondering if you would be willing to help me?”.  They will say yes; then you explain exactly how they can.  You will say, “The way I make money as a salesperson is to sell my products to people like you who work for companies like yours.  The very best and most productive way to accomplish this task is to receive referrals from my happy and satisfied customers”.  Tell them they probably know several people who have a need for your products.  Talk about who those people might be i.e., vendors, customers, suppliers, partners, associates, former employers, etc.  Tell your customer that your other customers give you referrals and the results have been very successful. Ask for the names of five people they can introduce you to.

3-Make contact with the referrals.  The contact can be a letter, email, even a joint call with your customer, or lunch.  Ideally, have your customer tell the people they have referred you to, all the good things you have done for them.  Ask for a time to visit them to discuss their needs and give you a chance to recommend solutions. Explain that you hope to be able to provide the same types of service and products that worked so well for their friend...your happy customer.

4-Meet with the referral and diagnose their needs.  Discover their pain and share examples of how you solved similar problems with other customers.  Present your new prospect with letters of recommendation from your happy, satisfied customers, stating all of the wonderful things you have done for them.  Encourage your customer to call the people they referred you to, once you have made contact with them. Ask them to reconfirm the excellent service and support you provided to them.

5- Ask your happy, satisfied customers for a letter of endorsement or even better, a video endorsement.  Video endorsements are easy to obtain and can be filmed using your smart phone.  Many smart phones are HD quality and are simple and convenient to use. When you meet with your customer, talk about all the positive things you have done for them and how well the product has performed.  After hearing all the positive statements about you from your customer, ask if they would be willing to say those things again, this time while you video their comments. Explain that video endorsements are powerful tools in selling, especially when used with the referrals they have given you.

Use these five steps consistently in your sales activities and you will absolutely increase your sales.  You will close more sales in less time and with less overall effort. Your average sale will be larger and your commissions will be greater.