As the expert in heavy haul, IRH USA has the distinction of hauling the largest loads ever permitted on roads in Utah and New Mexico – more than 1.8 million pounds gross vehicle weight – as the company hauled two transformers built in China to a substation associated with a wind farm near Monticello.

But IRH, with its 85 employees in two offices in Utah and satellite office in Houston, is also distinctive for its millwright, machinery installation, machinery moving and heavy rigging services, which its customers have come to rely on for more than 20 years. Further, IRH offers warehousing, freight brokerage, crating and packaging services through its logistics department, heavy transport services through its heavy haul division, and transformer and other power equipment decommissioning services through its power asset recovery division.

Steve Knight, a managing member at IRH, says the firm is a full-service company providing transportation, warehousing, trans-loading and storage services from Mexico to Canada, however, most of its work is performed within the United States – often for foreign companies either purchasing production equipment in the U.S. or delivering production equipment to customers in the U.S. Canada is one of IRH's predominant markets. Crews from the IRH power asset recovery division have worked in Canada decommissioning power plant equipment and transformers, and the company often delivers large loads in Canada.

Meanwhile, the IRH logistics department serves the needs of other U.S. exporters by packaging and loading items, most often machinery, for export and specializes in payloads that weigh up to one million pounds. For more information about IRH visit or call 800-334-2409.