With more than 360 million people worldwide suffering from moderate to profound hearing loss, an exciting opportunity exists to enrich the lives of consumers across the globe with solutions that bring power and clarity to the sounds that make life meaningful.

Making life more meaningful through sound is the mission of Bluffdale-based Listen Technologies (or "Listen"), a company that innovates technology to provide clear, focused and personalized listening experiences for consumers, even in the most noisy and difficult environments.

Senior Marketing Manager Kim Spencer says Listen has been engineering and manufacturing assistive listening products in Utah for more than 17 years and has a rich history of success. Founded in 1998, Listen started by doing something the founders felt passionate about, something that would help a growing number of people around the world to hear better.

"Nearly two decades later, we continue to expand our reach through an innovative line of products and a passionate commitment to its customers to deliver the best hearing assistance solutions," she adds. "Our products have enhanced the quality of listening for millions of people across the world and we are passionate about serving our customers with innovative listening solutions."

Listen's products are designed in-house and manufactured in China. The company employs approximately 50 people at its Utah headquarters as well as many strategic partnerships across the globe through its distribution network.

Spencer says the company's "Assistive Listening" products are recognized as some of the best in the industry. The technologies include ListenRF, ListenIR, ListenWiFi, ListenLoop and ListenTALK. Listen products are commonly used for tour groups, assistive listening in theaters, classrooms or large stadiums. In addition, hearing loop technology offers a personal and discreet listening experience to anyone with a telecoil technology in their hearing aid or cochlear implants without having to carry additional equipment.

"Hearing loss is often referred to as the invisible disability. We are continually innovating new products to address that disability and fit the needs of every consumer," she adds.

In 2006, Listen launched its global initiative, taking its products worldwide with distribution partners in Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, South America and India. In January, the company won an award from the International Association for Universal Design (IAUD) in the category of communication design. The IAUD Awards selection committee praised Listen' "ListenIR" product, which is an assistive listening system that uses infrared (IR) technology to provide quality audio in classrooms, corporate boardrooms, theaters, courtrooms and anywhere a private audio signal is needed.

Spencer says ListenIR delivers audio wirelessly from a transmitter within the venue to small receivers that individuals wear on lanyards around their necks, or can be clipped to a belt or purse strap, whatever is more comfortable for the patron.

The company recently engaged with World Trade Center Utah to receive one-to-one guidance as it continues its global expansion effort. To learn more about Listen visit www.listentech.com or call 801-233-8992.