During the Cache Business Summit on April 20, World Trade Center Utah presented Logan-based Butcher's Bunches with the Vanguard in International Business Award.

Butcher's Bunches is a company that thinks "outside the jar." The company was founded by Liz Kennard Butcher in 2010. Inspired by her son Kenneth, who cannot eat sugars, artificial preservatives and dyes, corn syrup or artificial sweeteners, Liz says she began making and selling "real" jams and preserves "that everyone could eat," taking them to local farmers' markets each summer, where they were an instant hit.

She happily notes that her source materials, the "bunches," begin "on a vine or in a tree laden with plump, naturally sweet fruits just waiting to be plucked and preserved."

Nearly a decade later, Butcher's Bunches is a rapidly expanding family enterprise that produces more than 175 cases of jam each month along with its line of balsamic vinegar Drizzle. The handcrafted fruit preserves, which are 100 percent natural, without added sugars, artificial preservatives or chemicals, are still favorites at local farmers' markets, but they are also popular commodities in Kroger grocery stores, Whole Foods markets, selected Associated Foods and most Utah Harmons stores.

What's more, the company quickly discovered significant demand for its artisan jams and preserves in Asia, Canada, Great Britain, France, Australia and Dubai. Approximately 11 percent of the company's sales now come from international markets.

With success comes notoriety. Butcher's Bunches was recognized in the United Kingdom as the "Queen's Tea" jam and also captured the attention of Chip and Joanna Gaines, stars of the hit TV show "Fixer Upper."

In recognizing Butcher's Bunches with the Vanguard in International Business Award, WTC Utah President and CEO Derek B. Miller noted that Butcher's Bunches is "an example to all businesses in Cache Valley, both large and small, that every company can reap the benefits of international trade."

Butcher says she takes pride in delivering high quality, home grown products to a growing global customer base while also supporting local farmers who grow sustainably and embrace America's diverse cultural harmony. "American pioneers were the first class to know the value of preserving the roots of our land. Butcher's Bunches preserves in that same fashion, respecting our roots and heritage," she says. "We use the same tin/aluminum pots, over flame, and each batch of preserves is stirred, poured and labelled by hand."

For more information about Butcher's Bunches and its products, visit www.butchersbunches.com or call 435-938-8316.