Having only been established for two years, Spire Ranges is a company hungry to make its mark both domestically and abroad.

Headquartered in Springville, President and CEO Quinton Seamons says Spire considers itself a technology company at its core and its team of 25 employees are committed to leading the global shooting range industry in developing the next generation of technology for live fire shooting range products.

He goes on to say that Spire designs and builds the most reliable, industry-leading shooting range equipment for military, government, commercial and private shooting range facilities. "From targetry systems to ballistic containment, our products prepare first responders and military personnel for when duty calls," says Seamons, noting that the company recently completed several high-profile projects for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Air Force. Spire is also completing work on several public indoor ranges which cater to the growing civilian shooting sports market.

Spire is unique in its industry because the company is design-led and backed by solid engineering. In fact, Its modern products and user interfaces set Spire apart from other industry players.

"We continue to raise the bar in the shooting range industry. We are backed by decades of international expertise and have made shooting range equipment and targetry systems our specialty," Seamons continues.

The company is expanding its international presence by promoting its products and services to partners and end users around the world. Spire's booth at the recent Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEI) show in London gave the company some welcome exposure to the international law enforcement and military communities.

"Since we are a fairly new company, we are eager to make ourselves known worldwide. We are currently working to finalize a number of international projects," says Seamons. "Our primary international geographic points of interest are the MENA region (Middle East North Africa) Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. As readiness and security remains a hot topic for developed and developing countries around the world, the demand for modern shooting range facilities and services for military and law enforcement agencies is strong."

Currently located at 691 W. 1200 N. in Springville, the company recently broke ground on a new headquarters in Springville that will include a large R&D and manufacturing facility. Assembly and manufacturing of Spire products are completed both in Utah and at a satellite facility outside of Toronto, Canada.

Seamons notes that an important part of Spire's mission is to be a resource to the international community. He recently lived for three years in the Middle East working in the defense industry and recognizes the important work our allies conduct around the world to keep their communities safe.

"A safer and better trained international community translates into a safer U.S.," he adds. Spire was founded in 2015 by Justin Murray, a business leader with deep industry experience in shooting range design, project management, installation, component sourcing and equipment manufacturing.

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