Imagine an intelligent transportation system, where vehicle detection devices act as the eyes and ears of the roadway, seeing and tracking all vehicles across all lanes, at all intersections, to ensure saftey and increase efficiency.

Wouldn't it be exciting if such a system could predict movement, monitor for pedestrians and cyclists, adjust to changing conditions and even ensure safety in the "dilemma zone," that dangerous flicker of time when the traffic light turns yellow and a driver must make a split-second decision to stop or go.

No need to imagine. Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) are the present, and Provo-based Wavetronix is at the forefront of the industry with the most capable, reliable and complete selection of ITS solutions deployed across the globe. Launched in 2000, the company has grown to become a global leader in ITS, with offices in North and South America, France, the United Kingdom, China and Singapore, and a global network of dealers.

Ensuring safety and increasing efficiency is what Wavetronix does. For example, in 2008, when China's infrastructure construction couldn't keep up with population demand prior to the Beijing Summer Olympics, Wavetronix was engaged to develop a traffic detection solution.

The company notes that China is one of the fastest growing vehicle markets in the world, with an estimated 20,000 new vehicles hitting the road each day. Wavetronix successfully embraced the challenge to quickly and easily install an ITS powerful enough to handle Beijing's tough traffic problems throughout the Olympics and beyond. The solution was SmartSensor HD technology that accurately detects vehicles on up to 22 lanes of traffic and communicates directly with the Traffic Management Bureau.

Similarly, the company's ITS solutions were deployed to manage traffic and ensure safety around construction zones at London's Heathrow Airport during the airport's massive expansion and renovation project in preparation for the 2012 Olympics.

And in Kazakhstan, where the city of Astana has experienced a population boom expected to top more than one million residents and a tourist trade that exceeds 500,000 visitors annually. The city needed powerful, accurate and flexible vehicle detection to form the basis for its ITS infrastructure. What's more, the detection system had to withstand extremely cold temperatures dipping below -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Enter Wavetronix. Unaffected by cold temperatures, its SmartSensor technology allows Astana's traffic infrastructure to keep up with the growing and changing population.

Having outgrown its current location, in Q4 2017, Wavetronix announced its acquisition of 68 acres in Springville for its global headquarters. The company says construction will begin this spring. Located south of Hobble Creek on the east side of I-15, the land provides room for future growth and the opportunity to interface the Wavetronix campus with the natural environment and waterway.

Although Wavetronix has offices and employees across the globe, the company is still a tight knit family and its customers are partners that share a passion for making transportation more safe and efficient. Hence, the company not only sells ITS products, but also provides training opportunities to help its partners understand how those products can solve their real-world traffic and safety challenges.

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