Since mid 1993, Verite has been a Utah based digital marketing and communications agency offering a wide range of digital communications services and web applications. One of the first interactive agencies in the state, Verite has seen a lot of changes with communications and technologies. The products and solutions that the company provides today stem from the initial vision of producing key communications on CD. Over the years, Vérité has grown into a full service interactive agency, producing innovative mobile and web solutions as well as marketing, advertising, and training campaigns.

Verite established itself from the beginning as a unique agency that brings both creative services and technology development together in a way that many agencies can’t. Vérité’s design, production and development services include: web design, motion graphics, video production, mobile apps, eTools™ for registration, certification programs, content management and eCommerce, and consultation and execution for social, marketing and advertising initiatives. Vérité has produced national and international campaigns and web tools for Adobe,, DentalSelect, Intel, Mars, Merit Medical, Symantec and more.

Kimberley Jones, the CEO and founder of Vérité, has established a company-wide commitment to offer cutting edge technologies and solutions to clients. The company is constantly evolving, which contributes to its success as a long-standing agency in Utah. “It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years, it’s been exciting to be involved in such a dynamic and changing industry,” says Kimberley Jones, “I couldn’t have done it without my great partners and employees.”

It is also important to Verite that they give back to their community. Ms. Jones sits on the board of several non-profit foundations, including The Community Foundation of Utah and People Helping People. She is also one of the founders and the current Chair of the Board for the Women Tech Council, helping to promote the role of women in the technology industry.