In just over one week since its launch, Ken Garff's new content-marketing campaign, Project Listen, has reached audiences across the nation. 

The grassroots effort, which featured real stories about how listening can improve the quality of life, resulted in close to 1 million impressions on Facebook and Twitter combined, and nearly 1 million impressions on YouTube.

The initiative and spotlighted videos were featured in several articles, blogs and social media posts, including a segment from the viral-video show, Right This Minute, which focused on the story of brothers Ben, Joseph and Zach Featherstone and their abilities to listen in unconventional ways despite being deaf. As a result, Ken Garff has seen an expanded social landscape and an increase in customer engagement.

"This campaign has allowed us to really connect with our consumers and engage with a broader audience," said Matt Jensen, Ken Garff's director of marketing. "Not only that, but we've been able to communicate and associate with the concept of listening, which is something that we're really passionate about."

Ken Garff launched Project Listen on Monday, March 23, as a brand-association approach to their marketing efforts. At the center of the campaign is a content library where video stories can be seen and heard and shared on social media. A range of topics, from how listening can make the difference between life and death to unconventional forms of listening being used to change perceptions, reflect the "we hear you" promise. It's a progressive effort that Ken Garff hopes will break the mold of typical car-dealer advertising--actually providing an interaction of value as a welcome break from the "yell-sell" approach.