HealthEquity, Inc. announced that it was honored by the American Marketing Association Utah Chapter with the distinction of “Best Marketing Team of the Year.”

HealthEquity and fellow winners were recognized at the Utah Marketing Awards banquet on November 11 in Salt Lake City. Winning this award celebrates HealthEquity’s continued industry-leading marketing strategies in helping Americans spend intelligently and save wisely for health care.

“We’re honored to receive such recognition by the esteemed American Marketing Association Utah Chapter,” said Cody Dingus, HealthEquity vice president of marketing. “At HealthEquity, we recognize the importance of educating members about the many facets of health savings accounts. This award honors our talented team and the distinct multi-media resources we have developed to help audiences understand and build health savings.”

All of HealthEquity’s marketing and creative strategy is executed in-house by a multi-functional team. They operate distinctly within the company as a full-service marketing agency, offering their services to business partners. The collaborative team of creatives, writers, designers, web developers and video artists, together create strategic communication plans and tools that serve over 27,000 US employers, 1.5 million American households, and 70 of the nation’s largest health plans.

Breaking down the many components of an HSA, HealthEquity’s marketing team has collaborated to design attention-grabbing and easy-to-understand brochures, videos and website tools that demonstrate the various ways each individual consumer can benefit from an HSA. Because of these strategies and the exceptional product and services delivered by HealthEquity, the company is one of the largest and fastest-growing HSA custodians in the country.

"Utah is fast becoming renowned as a hub of great marketing talent. Exceptional marketers advance our profession by inspiring teams, raising the bar and elevating the profile of marketing within the Utah business community,” said Emma Wimberley, president of the Utah Chapter of the AMA. “The goal of the Utah Marketing Awards is to recognize and celebrate these marketers, as well as the successful strategies, tactics and technologies they use."