ClearOne has selected BP Marketing Group, LLC of Minnesota, as Midwest manufacturers' sales representative firm for its Network Media Streaming products. BP Marketing will continue sales representation of ClearOne Wireless Microphone Systems.

"BP Marketing has paid vigilant attention to the convergence of AV and IT in our industry -- it's a fundamental paradigm shift. We strongly believe the movement to IT networking will continue to penetrate the audiovisual marketplace as a widely-deployed standard. Based on our decade-long media streaming sales history and extensive industry research, we determined ClearOne's VIEW(®) Pro as the best fit for the needs of our clients," said BP Marketing President & CEO Steve Garber.

Garber continued, "By incorporating a standards-based solution like VIEW Pro, existing 'end-points' can be better leveraged as part of a more complete, more manageable AV-over-IP signal distribution system. Coupled with industry-leading image quality and ultra-low latency technology, ClearOne's VIEW Pro solution is a game-changer."

"With a long and superb track record in selling AV-over-IP and AV streaming solutions, BP is a trusted resource for Midwest consultants, integrators, and end-users alike," said ClearOne Sales Director, Network Video & Audio Streaming for North America, Lewis Eig. "Combining BP's experience with VIEW Pro's powerful capabilities will present AV professionals and their clients in the Midwest with the industry's best network media streaming solutions."

ClearOne and BP Marketing have also partnered for the Technology Showcase Tour (TST) -- a mobile technology showcase featuring industry-leading  AV & IT solutions in a fully integrated environment. The TST will conduct multiple tour stops throughout the Midwest in 2016. Visit for more details.