Uintah County Travel and Tourism is set to launch a new, dinosaur-themed marketing campaign in an effort to draw in tourism to many outdoor activities throughout Vernal, Utah.

“We’re excited about the Origin of Adventure campaign because nothing like it has ever been done here before,” said Lesha Coltharp, tourism director of the Uintah County Travel and Tourism Office. “The characters we’ve created will highlight just how much there is to experience in Dinosaurland.”

The campaign launches on April 4, 2016 and tells the story of two cartoon dinosaurs, Vern and Al, who meet on a rafting expedition and continue to explore Dinosaurland. Vernal, Utah is full of a variety of kid-friendly and thrilling activities, from fossils digs to mountain biking and rodeos to fly-fishing.

“There is so much to see and do in Dinosaurland, and it’s really not too far away,” Coltharp said.  “Most people just don’t realize it.”

The friendly duo will be featured throughout the multimedia marketing campaign, making appearances in TV spots, print ads and even a short children’s book.

The book will be available to pick up for free at visitor centers and hotels throughout Vernal. With a coloring page in the back, kids will enjoy reading about one of Vern and Al’s many adventures in the first of a series of short stories.

“The children’s book is one of the ways we are aiming to get kids and families involved with these characters and excited about the campaign,” Coltharp added.

The launch kick-off will include an interactive scavenger hunt through Dinosaurland. Local hotels, restaurants, museums and visitor centers will stock postcards explaining the rules of the scavenger hunt. Anyone participating will have the chance to win a free treat from a popular local sweet shop.

For a review of the campaign and a digital copy of the children’s book, visit www.dinoland.com.