Marketers are continually under pressure to do more, and to do it faster.

To meet demand, they are always looking at new methodologies to help them manage their work, with a recent trend being the adoption of Agile Marketing. A survey released today byWorkfront, the leading provider of cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solutions, and conducted online by MarketingProfs, found that 30% of marketers currently use the Agile methodology to manage their work. Additionally, 38% of marketers plan to implement Agile within the next year.

"There is a huge opportunity for forward-thinking marketers to bring positive change to their organization through Agile methodologies," said Joe Staples, chief marketing officer at Workfront. "Agile focuses on improving the speed, productivity, adaptability, and responsiveness of creative work. Workfront's Agile capabilities provide an alternative to traditional project management processes by offering an Agile structure that can easily be adopted by users at their own pace, or mixed with more traditional waterfall methods."

Andrea Fryrear, content marketer and Agile marketing evangelist, added, "The mixed methodology approach is popular because it's an easy way to put your toe in the water and test out a new way of doing things without abandoning what you know and what is comfortable. You can also get a feel for whether it's going to be valuable or not."

While the survey results showed rapid growth of Agile processes for marketers, it also spotlighted some practitioner confusion around what Agile really is. One of the key tenants of Agile is organizing work based on feedback. However, when the respondents were asked if that factors into their work management process, only 14% responded that they deliberately reorganize upcoming work based on feedback—a stark contrast to those who said they already use Agile.

Along the lines of education, the survey found that marketers can more easily adopt Agile methodologies when other departments in their companies are already using it, with 32% saying that another department within their company led the way with Agile.

When you change the way you work, there will inevitably be challenges to adoption. For Agile, the four biggest barriers to considering Agile included: I/my team doesn't know what Agile is or how it works (43%); we don't have an internal expert to train and implement Agile (29%); getting over the learning curve (19%); and lack of the right tools (18%).

Staples concluded, "Agile is gaining in popularity, however, there are still barriers to adoption that are steadily being removed. As the industry transitions, it's important that marketers recognize that Agile doesn't have to be adopted all at once and the choice to move to Agile isn't a binary yes or no decision. Marketers can start by implementing the parts of Agile that make sense for their business and build upon those over time."

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