The Garfield County Tourism Office is currently accepting applications from local nonprofit/501C3 organizations and municipalities for event funding and cooperative (co-op) marketing.

The Garfield County event funding applications are due on Dec. 29, 2017, and the co-op marketing applications are due on Jan. 26, 2018.

Both the co-op marketing and event funds are designed to increase the budget of local organizations in order to boost tourism in Garfield County. The funds are specifically to be used for these marketing and event costs to enhance the Garfield County community.

“Several years ago the tourism board wanted to develop new and more streamlined processes to give our local communities and nonprofit organizations a way to market their own information how they want to,” said Falyn Owens, executive director of the Garfield County Office of Tourism.

Oral presentations are set for Feb. 6 for the marketing projects and Jan. 9 for event funding projects. Each oral presentation will include five minutes for the applicant to present their proposal and an additional five minutes will be allotted for board members to ask any questions regarding the event or project.

Each event and marketing project must have the potential to bring in tourists from out of state. The marketing and event funding applications are open to both new and old events and marketing projects.  

The Garfield County Tourism Office requests that organizations only apply for the amount of money needed for the specific event/project. A $3000 request cap per event application is in place. For the marketing project applications, applicants must come up with 35 percent of the project budget, which will be matched 65 percent by the Garfield Office of Tourism Advisory Board.

Some specific changes for the event funding applications include:

  • The Garfield County Tourism Office requests approval on all advertisements or sponsorships that the tourism office's logo will be displayed on.
  • After each event, a survey is required to be given to participants in regards to their event attendance and stay in Garfield County. Survey questions are provided within the application.
  • All events must provide a full event budget. An example of specific budget information is provided in the application.
  • No events will be funded during the Garfield County Fair on Aug. 13-18, 2018.

“The tourism board has made the process more competitive in the last few years and it is starting to pay off,” said Owens. “Entities are building onto the projects developed the previous year, and we are very excited to see some of the new projects from many of the communities throughout Garfield County.”

Last year the Garfield County Tourism Office provided $53,000 in event funding and close to $50,000 for marketing and tourism infrastructure projects to organizations county-wide. The majority of these events are put on with a limited number of resources and on a volunteer basis.

For more information on the criteria, request process and applications for co-op marketing and event funding, visit For more information on Garfield County, visit