Wall Street Communications announced that Cobalt Iron, a leading provider of enterprise data protection solutions, has retained the agency for public relations and content marketing services.

Wall Street Communications will work to enhance awareness of Cobalt Iron's solutions and services in a broad range of vertical markets, including finance, healthcare, aviation, manufacturing, and government agencies.

"Our Adaptive Data Protection™ SaaS solution has clear benefits across a variety of markets, and Wall Street Communications is helping us to communicate those benefits to users in specific market segments," said Andy Hurt, CMO at Cobalt Iron. "Working across conventional trade press and digital platforms, the agency takes a thoughtful and well-rounded approach to raising our profile in the enterprise data backup market."

A software-defined solution that is cloud- and hardware-agnostic, Cobalt Iron's Adaptive Data Protection addresses the complexity of data backup and alleviates the pain, expense, and complexity of legacy backup solutions. The software delivers a consolidated view of the global backup environment and leverages analytics and automation to help enterprises transform and optimize legacy backup solutions into a simple cloud-based and on-premises solution. With Adaptive Data Protection, Cobalt Iron changes the discussion around backup from "boxes and tools" to "value and outcomes."

"Cobalt Iron has a great story to share around Adaptive Data Protection, and we're excited about working with the company to boost awareness of this forward-looking approach to enterprise data protection," said Sunny Branson, general manager, client services, Wall Street Communications.