Mountain West Commercial Real Estate is pleased to announce that the Crossroads @ North Ogden Shopping Center is well underway with a major revitalization.

The shopping center is located in the heart of North Ogden at the south east corner of 2600 North and Washington Boulevard.

The well know community complex started a façade renovation this past fall on the existing shop space and the next step will be the demolition of the former Smith’s Food and Drug Store which will take place Friday, December 2nd. After a third developer, KSG Properties, joined the effort, the renovation was able to move forward as a cumulative effort with the city, Smith’s Food and Drug Store, the shopping center’s current and future tenants, and MW retail specialists Chris Hatch, Joe Mills and Shaydon Wood. “We are excited to revitalize this location, bring in ACE Hardware, and the traction it will bring to this area,” said Garrett Goff of Layton based KSG Properties. “We were finally able to move the project forward after stepping in a year ago and pursuing the entire corner.  Previous development efforts had been unsuccessful that were focused only on the redevelopment of the former Smith’s parcel.  North Ogden City has been fantastic to work with and has delivered on every level throughout the process.  We have consistently been impressed by the hard work put forth from Mayor Brent Taylor, the North Ogden City Council and every member and employee of the North Ogden City offices.”

Several new retailers will open including GNC, Sports Clips, and the new anchor store, ACE Hardware. “For the last several years this location has been vacant. The changes that are now in motion will not only give the shopping center a major facelift, but once completed will undoubtedly make it a key community destination again,” commented Hatch. Smith’s, which has now expanded to a nearby location, played an integral role in the realization of the project by pricing this property at a level commensurate with what the market is bearing for new retailers to occupy their former location. “It’s been a long road reaching this point which was the result of a great group effort, overcoming multiple issues along the way,” said Steven Sorensen, Vice President of Corporate Development with Smith’s.  “We are excited for the community and appreciate the reception we have received from the city of North Ogden.”

The City of North Ogden also played an important role in the success of the revitalization, giving CDA (Community Development Area) money in order to help facilitate completion of the project. North Ogden City Councilman Lynn Satterthwaite said, “The community has been very anxious to know what is going on with this development and we are thrilled that we can finally tell them the exciting new plans.”

Future tenants are also looking forward to the changes that are taking place. Phillip Child, owner of ACE Hardware of South Ogden and the Crossroads Shopping Center’s new ACE Hardware store remarked, “I feel like I’m coming home to take care of the community I grew up in. I love the people of North Ogden and am excited to see this good store be opened and the difference it will make in the community.” Matt Stephens with Newmark Grubb ACRES, who represented Mr. Child in both the South Ogden store last year and the new Ace at the Crossroads Shopping Center, said, “It’s very gratifying to work with ACE owners like Phillip and his son Mike; they care about and are involved their communities, and these principles drive their success.  That’s not a very common experience in many industries and I’m lucky to be a part of it.”  The ACE store is scheduled to open late summer of 2017.

Current tenants are seeing positive results as well, and are optimistic about the future as changes continue to take place. “Throughout the construction the community has rallied around us,” said Bridger Musgrave, owner of Fiiz. “We have been blown away by how much the property has been cleaned up and are excited to see how things continue to develop for this location that is the life blood of North Ogden.”

As it continues to grow the 182,600 square foot shopping center will remain dedicated to serving the community that has been so helpful and accommodating during the entire transformation process. With such well known stores opening locations and the future outlook for current tenants, Crossroads @ North Ogden Shopping Center will become a premier shopping destination for the local community and surrounding areas.