Chime Technologies announced the opening of a new office in Salt Lake City.

Chime plans to hire 80 sales people in this location over the next six to 12 months, dramatically increasing the size of its sales team to keep up with demand and position the company for the next phase of growth. Chime is actively hiring sales representatives, HR professionals, and recruiters for the downtown Salt Lake City office.

"This new office opens up exciting opportunities for people to really make an impact by bringing innovative technology to the real estate space, which is fundamental to helping people find homes," said Matt Murphy, Chief Marketing Officer of Chime. "That's the American Dream, and we believe that joining our team will be a career defining move for people who jump on this rocketship."

Chime launched its powerful lead generation and CRM solution in August 2016 to empower real estate agents and their teams with a next-generation suite of tools for optimizing efficiency and maximizing sales. The powerful, mobile-friendly platform enables agents to launch marketing campaigns, track leads, build customer relationships and manage their team. Chime's solution is unique in the market because it leverages Social Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate a steady flow of high-quality leads and remove friction from the sales process.

The company has met with resounding success and grown rapidly over the past five months. Opening the office in Salt Lake City allows Chime to expand its sales team and continue climbing along the growth curve it's on. Chime performed a deep search across several different markets before deciding on Salt Lake City. The area has a thriving entrepreneurial culture, as well as a vibrant inside sales ecosystem. There is an abundance of talent in the marketplace and Chime looks forward to becoming a major regional employer, ultimately building out a team of 200, or more, people. While many technology companies are based outside of Salt Lake City, in Lehigh or Provo, Chime chose a downtown office to be part of the exciting revitalization unfolding in the city.

New hires who join Chime at this stage in the company's growth will get a seat at the table to drive innovation and help shape its future. Chime's culture is all about transparency, teamwork and innovation. The company pushes the envelope with its technology and product, with constant learning and exploration as a core part of its mission. Getting in on the ground floor will enable Chime employees in Salt Lake City to be a part of something big and take their careers to the next level.